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18 Fremont

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by Marko62, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Marko62

    Marko62 Bronze

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    While Downtown last month, I was talking to some of the bartenders, servers and dealers from across the FSE about their thoughts on the new 18 Fremont project. Of the 6-7 folks I talked to, a majority were not excited about the new property. The common feeling is that it will take away from what makes Downtown special with a new "Strip Style" resort. Granted, this is a very small sample size, but it was interesting that most felt the same way.

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  2. B.C. Tuggle

    B.C. Tuggle Bronze

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    Downtown has been growing on me the last 5-7 years. I have stayed at the Golden Nugget several times, and enjoy it. Gambled several locations down there.
    Fremont Street/East Fremont is different and special, and I try to get down there every trip.
    I think that the 18 Fremont project is still a big "unknown", but also that it is being developed by the Stevens brothers of the "D" and the Golden Gate casinos. They have been tight lipped about specifics, if I remember correctly.
    Stevens brothers are obvious FSE boosters, and have walked the walk so far down there.
    I think the Downtown Events Center has been an outstanding addition to the area, maybe even a game-changer.

    As a tourist, it is wait and see for me.

    As an established casino employee down there, though, I would probably feel the way the people you spoke with do.
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  3. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
    Founding Fanatic

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    I’m excited about the new 18 Fremont project and hope they keep decent gaming odds despite being a bigger and better Golden Nugget. Give me a strip or near strip quality resort and good downtown gaming odds and I’m in!
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  4. NickPappageorgio

    NickPappageorgio ¿Quién vigila a los vigilantes?
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic 2018 March Madness Winner

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    I'm excited for the project despite not knowing many specifics about it. But it sounds as if it will be resort style but in a different way than the Strip. I think the Stephens brothers understand that Fremont is different than the Strip and should stay that way. They understand the vibe there and the allure that it has for some people.

    I'm hoping they design 18 Fremont in that vein, and keep decent VP pay tables while doing it. (although there is some anecdotal evidence at their two existing casinos that this might not happen, but I'll remain hopeful)
  5. golfer

    golfer Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Downtown has always been an iffy proposition for many people. Not 100% love it, or hate it, but probably bordering on this. I'm o.k. with strip, or downtown, and mostly prefer downtown. Golden Nugget has never bothered me as I play baccarat, and there isn't much they can do to the odds, and the rooms are more than adequate. The restaurant orders Kobe beef for me, and I take my comps a lot of times in boxing tickets, so the lack of compable (sic) items/amenities, as opposed to a strip property, has no impact on me. In my view, it actually works out better from a pure fiscal perspective.

    All of this said, with the potential of Fert going CET, or more accurately CET going Fert, albeit not understood by most, I think it is time to explore The D / GG / 18 Freemont.

    In my case The D has midi, and a high limit area, except it is loud, and not very private. They have a decent steakhouse, and I'm fairly certain they can order Kobe when available. I'd assume I could get baseball, hockey, football and boxing tickets in lieu of whatever they want to comp, and this is more valuable to me than tier credits, overpriced rooms and whatever else the major chains scam gamblers with.

    An interesting thing has developed over on the other board. A former host from CET is aggressively marketing GG, which defacto means marketing D and 18 Freemont.

    I have opened some communication to this end, and eagerly await what 18 Freemont is going to be. It appears GN is going to change, notwithstanding whatever happens with Fert's move, and it appears that as GN changes, the impact on DT will not be small. My experience is that as many people that go DT for a $5 craps game, there are also as many people like me, that go for high limits table games, and still like the fact that they'll write you a comp right at the table without having to beg some flunky CET / Cosmo, or MGM host.

    This development is now more critical in my view, and based on my preferences, whereas before the last several days I had concluded it was a non event.

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