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$250 annual platinum resort credit

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by Dolby0102, May 20, 2018.

  1. Dolby0102

    Dolby0102 Bronze

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    We are booked on a marketing offer for 4 free nights plus $100 identity free play. We tried to have our host apply the annual $250 platinum resort credit and he said you can’t use 2 offers at the same time.

    I thought you could stack the one time annual $250 platinum resort credit with a marketing offer that has free play with it. Am I wrong or is the host wrong?
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  2. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
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    That doesn’t sound right. I’m not platinum, just Gold, so I’m not speaking from expierence . But your tier benefits are separate from any offers you receive. I’d call or email identity and see what the agent has to say.
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  3. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
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    Yeah that really doesn't sound right. A tier benefit is separate from an offer.
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  4. whohoo2

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    I was told at last visit to go to the Identity desk to have the resort credit applied to the room. Not sure if it’s changed since then (December).
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