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A slot promo scratch a card from June 4-July 22nd?

Discussion in 'Exclusives from The Cosmopolitan' started by Wiscolovesvegas, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Wiscolovesvegas

    Wiscolovesvegas Platinum

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    Ok need some help understanding this ( well heck I need a lot of help in many different areas but this is today’s wth?)
    Hubs has told me about an email he received about some as he puts it “ scratch card game that looks like a key hole, you earn points to get some scratch card for free play”. Ahhh yes, perfect hunny, TOTALLY ( not) following with what your saying.
    So a little online digging looks like a scratch reveal promo. Anyone who’s currently there @Texas Steph , @momnkid able to shed light on it a little more?
  2. VPfanatic

    VPfanatic Bronze
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    Basically there are scratch cards you can earn based on your slot points.

    For example with platinum, 50k gets you one card, 90k gets you two.

    Gold was 25k for one card, 45k for two.

    (I can’t remember the numbers for sterling)

    You want to get these cards after you finish your slot play, and you will get a bit more free play to use.

    Even though I am platinum, I earned 46k points (not enough for a platinum scratch card) and got two of the gold cards for 45k points.
  3. Boonedocks

    Boonedocks Silver
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    We earned a bunch of those on our last trip and will tomorrow thought Sunday as well. You earn points on play. You can get smaller chance cards for less points (maybe 5) or for the same points the next tier up and the least prize is a little higher and the max a good bit higher. There are maybe 4? groups to pick from. It @Texas Steph or @momnkid don't post a picture of the tables I'll try and post one tomorrow after we check in and get settled.
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  4. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
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    They've done this promo several times. I don't know if they're structuring it the same way last time I was there, and it doesn't matter because I don't really remember exactly how it was structured then, lol.

    But it's something like:

    Earn 1,000 pts, you're eligible for a "Bronze" scratch off ticket.

    If you hold off until you get 2,500 pts, you get some higher color level ticket (let's call it Silver), where the minimum and maximum prizes are higher (maybe more than 2.5x higher, to give you an incentive to hit the higher level).

    You go to the desk and say, "I have X points," they verify that, give you the ticket, or a choice of tickets - like if you had 2,500 points you could get 2 Bronze tickets (and have 500 pts left over towards the next one) or 1 Silver ticket. So that would be kinda like having the choice of 2 slot spins on a $10 slot or 1 spin on a $25 slot. You scratch off the ticket whenever you want, then bring it to the desk and they load the freeplay.

    Someone will post the structure of the current one. This is what the tickets looked like back then. I always chose the lowest level card because I'm in the camp that says 2 spins on a $10 machine (with $5 left over) is better than 1 spin on a $25.

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  5. Wiscolovesvegas

    Wiscolovesvegas Platinum

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    Thanks everyone for helping me understand the concept better
  6. espnawards

    espnawards Bronze

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    Cosmo for the most part...I think?
    the event going on right now is not quite as generous as the one chuck played.

    takes 2000 points to get a velvet scratcher. i got 4 when i was there, and they were $10 each, though i assume they go higher.

    takes 10000 points to get a sterling scratcher, and then a bunch more for gold and platinum scratchers.
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  7. cryptopiggie

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    I got one platinum and 2 sterling and wife got 2 velvet[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  8. AyDee

    AyDee Bronze

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    meh, most.
    Don't think I made it. Also don't think we played hardly at all while the ID desk was open, so probably didn't matter. I never make any of those promos.. I'm a low roller.

    Thought I was also shooting for that extra $? at ?, but apparently (for me at least:eek:) if you went in June, and didn't get it in 48 hours, you had no chance in July.

    Not trying to throw hundreds of dollars for 10 anyways.. YMMV.

    (sorry still a little salty about last trip. It was... different)

    Loved our 1BR terrace though :D
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