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All Golf all the time!

Discussion in 'Health, Sports and Fitness' started by PACKER, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. stillsober

    stillsober Bronze

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    I played a scramble over the weekend at Sierra Star in Mammoth Ca. That course is lovely. One of my favorites that isn’t Pebble Beach.
  2. gmille58

    gmille58 Silver

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    Yes I definitely want to keep improving, it is a lot of fun to get out and play and more fun when you hit more good shots than bad. I used to say that if I made a par in a round it was a good round, and I made 5 of them last time out. I dont remember ever making more than 2 in a single round before.

    I understand that there is a lot to the game. I have always taken the whole bag to the range, and usually try to hit a different club every shot for the last half of the bucket like it was an actual hole. I am still trying to make consistent contact every time I make a swing, and also get my yardage down for each club. That is getting better relatively quickly. The consistent contact can get rid of a shot or two per hole by getting rid of the top shot dribbler followed by a divot that goes further than the ball. Those shots that are less than a full swing but more than a chip shot are still tough and I practice those when I go to the range. I usually do decent putting, but I do still three putt a few holes per round.

    The big thing for now though is just going out more often. I am trying out new courses as often as I can, but there is a cheap course that is nearby and can almost always get on. It is a little rough for the fairways, and the greens are pretty small but they are usually in good shape.

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