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Any one been to MGM Springfield?

Discussion in 'Other Gambling Destinations' started by allmine1958, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. allmine1958

    allmine1958 Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Opened Fridayand was wondering about it?
  2. Tesla

    Tesla Doubling 11 vs. 6

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    Mlife Gold
    Kimsa has been already; you can see her posts about her trip in the slots forum. I'm planning a trip out there in a week and will post my own trip report.
  3. pinkflamingo

    pinkflamingo Bronze

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    yes I was there Sunday morning at 4 am (8/26).

    my personal opinion: it just didn't sit right for me. the vibe wasn't there for me. and even at 4 am the place was still crazy busy but not in a good way. let me try to sum it up.

    - a rather large and rowdy physical fight broke out between two ladies and from what I could understand, their men. at least a dozen security guards rushed the scene and caused it to get even louder.
    - they have self-service soda and coffee stations which I LOVED. however, there was no creamers of any kind anywhere. there were lines of people looking for early morning joe and almost every one went to get one only to see that there was no creamer so they left their cups. Maybe it's just me but if you're going to have self-service stations even at 4 am you'd think they'd be stocked.
    - they're boasting it as a fully non-smoking casino. i'll be interested in seeing how long that really lasts. lets just say the ladies room was disgusting. every stall I tried to use either had filth left behind or ciggy butts/ashes everywhere. that really grossed me out and I'm a former smoker.
    - if you're a video poker nut like I am don't bother heading to Springfield. they had 21 machines on the entire floor. 21 at some bar and that was it for the floor. there were 7-8 more in their high limit "room" (it was so tiny it should be classified as a closet IMHO) but no banks of poker anywhere else. That *really* was disappointing for me.
    - it was very bright in the casino. I liked how it was decorated and of course it smelled all fresh and new but I would have liked it a bit dimmer in there.
    - the location is meh for me. rough area, rough neighborhood and while there were loads of police outside directing traffic - yes, even at 4 am - if that parking garage fills up and people have to walk from wherever they park to the casino, well let's just say I wouldn't do it but I am a very non-trusting person by nature to begin with.
    - speaking of security - I've never seem so many in one location at one time. ever. even after the Venetian was robbed years ago and the suspect ran past me in a blur of black with security chasing him, I've never seen more than I did at Springfield. They even were annoying as they walked around with ipads and one of them stood behind my husband and I as we played Wonder 4 Tower and took notes until I turned and asked him what he was doing. No response, but he did leave. it was just WIERD.
    - I SO wanted MGM Springfield to live up to all the hype we've been hearing for the past 6-7 years and I'm sure loads of people are going to think I'm crazy for not loving it but I want more than what they currently offer. They have so many penny machines that we all know they can set with the lowest percentage of payback so I'm not totally surprised that they have what they have but even with it being 23 minutes from my house as the crow flies, I'll stick with going to either Mohegan/Foxwoods or travel across the country to my beloved Las Vegas.
  4. Kimsa70

    Kimsa70 Gold
    Founding Fanatic

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    I concur with your observations. I was expecting soooo much more than what MGM Springfield delivered.

    Blips I experienced:
    1. At checkin I had brought on card with me that had $300 on it. They tried to check me in and said the card was declined. Had no other card. Had to talk with manager after manager for over a half hour before them just letting me checkin without the $150 hold on the room. Now, the kicker, I check my card balance this morning, MGM Springfield is currently withholding $300 on my card. WTF? They made me all feel uncomfortable and a bit humiliated for a half an hour and they were withholding money on my card all along!
    2. I had friends joining me Friday night. 930pm I go down to lobby, wait on line 20 minutes, add my friends name to the room after handing the customer service rep my ID. 1145pm, call from front desk. My friend is there and his name is NOT on the room WTF?
    3. I was told my guests could park in valet. They got sent 5 miles down the road to park at The Big E and had to take a shuttle to the casino.
    4. My room had no waters in it, no pen or notepad and no extra roll of toilet paper. No refrigerators or coffee in the rooms. No lights within arm reach to turn when lying in bed. Pitch black. Very inconvenient.
    5. Bad vibe about the slot floor. They squeezed 2,550 slots into a space that should probably have 1700 max. Slots arranged in ROWS like they used to be. Slots so close together, very claustrophobic. Slot paybacks set very tight. Surprised fire Marshall signed off on slot machine setup. No room whatsoever to walk without hitting a slot seatback or someone....and I've recently lost almost 60 pounds so it's not cause I'm a fat ass.
    6. Horrendous vibe and slot selection in high limit slot room. I talk to a few executives from Vegas casinos who had come in to help. They themselves were surprised the room had no WOF or Top Dollar or Cleo II or Quick Hits. Really poor machine selection. That alone will make me stay away until they make changes.
    7. As you pointed out, hardly any video poker...wtf?
    8. The one video poker bar was the only place I could get a drink. Sonce I couldn't get a seat i was paying with my card Express comps. Not ONCE did the bartenders ask for my ID to check if I was using my card. I have $3,300 on my card. So if I happen to leave it in a machine, anyone can use it for drinks, dinner, spa etc. In Vegas, they ALWAYS check my Id when I use my mlife points to pay.
    9. I would be scared walking around outside the casino, too. However, mucho cop presence at EVERY block and corner and within the casino.

    Overall, they were trying, but had alot of blips and issues to work through.
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  5. allmine1958

    allmine1958 Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Thanks for the info. Understand the blips but very unhappy about machine selection.
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  6. patriot1515

    patriot1515 Bronze

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    I have been to the property a few times since it has opened and have been extremely impressed with the property (I am HL blackjack player), keeping in mind that it is less than 1 month old. Happy to answer any questions that people may have as I am from the Boston area and can provide a good comparison to Twin River, Foxwoods or Mohegan.

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