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Any Vegetarians Here ?

Discussion in 'Health, Sports and Fitness' started by Willie, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Willie

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    I've been eating vegetarian now for 10 weeks... no meat, no dairy, no cheese .... I think that I feel cleaner on my insides, but not sure... It is definitely easier to lose weight..

    I eat vegetable protein sources and plant protein powder...

    How is a vegetarian diet supposed to make one feel inside. ? Do you enjoy this eating lifestyle.?... Do you feel healthier.?
    Any tips.?

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    I was a vegetarian for seven years, but started eating fish again fourteen years ago. Still not meat, though, for the past 21 years. Feeling cleaner and losing weight is not surprise. I remember feeling that way after the first week of trying it. My only tip would be to try lots of new stuff. I thought limiting my diet would significantly reduce my options, but it really didn't. it forced me to learn a lot about vegetarian options that I probably never would have tried if I still ate meat
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  3. jay631

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    Same here, I eat fish but eliminated meats, and dairy as well. I have been at it for about 6 months and feel better. I think the hardest part is the first 2 weeks or so of getting adjusted to no meat dishes and finding alternatives. I was just in vegas 2 weeks ago, and its so easy to stay vegetarian or even just fish only diet. I am doing this to help battle an ailment, but another deciding factor was watching netflix "What the health". Alot from that clicked with me and made sense. Go on to many websites, or even on facebook and theres so many sites that have recipes to keep things fresh. Lots of ways to have a salad and plenty of bean dishes or alternatives. I ilke going to Costco to get veggie burgers and also their frozen fish filets are great and cost effective as well. Enjoy and stay the path!!! :)
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