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Banker888 Live TR June 23 - July 11!

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by banker888, Jun 9, 2021.


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    No - that's the one they scrapped for the fully vaxxed folk.
  2. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Our flight was delayed for being too heavy for the current weather conditions because they had freight on the damn plane and they had to take it off. Couldn't they predict better and know having all that on there plus a full plane plus 116F heat = too heavy???

    Glad you were able to get home @banker888. Thanks for taking us along!
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  3. Goldenknight

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    Freight can make them far more than passengers believe it or not. Know a former executive of Condor (German airline), he said they'd have enough cargo on their 767s that they could not sell a single seat and the flight would still make them money. Passengers are sometimes just the gravy.

    This hot weather can be a real problem for the airlines though. You see this a lot out of Phoenix too. Even worse when it's in a mountainous area.
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