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Bellagio or Wynn ?

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by ShaneO, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. ShaneO

    ShaneO Bronze

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    I am counting down my days and currently have Bellagio and Wynn both booked. I have never stayed at either and both are completely free. I have stayed at Venetian a few times and like it but not a fan of location and Wynn is even a bit further away.
    I am traveling solo, age 48 but I still want a lively atmosphere and I like to move around but maybe not as long if walks late night. I am arriving Thursday 11/5 and leaving Sunday morning

    Which would you chose and why?
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  2. Goldenknight

    Goldenknight Palladium

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    Wynn is a lovely hotel and casino, but I also don't care for its location. It's a bit far from the action for me, and while it's certainly walkable, but it's not my favorite walk. Also we've all heard about the issues on the strip lately, so I'd be even less likely to walk it now.

    The Bellagio room I had wasn't amazing, kinda dated, but still nice in general. Just not modern. The casino floor is massive with plenty of options. It's also much closer to the places I personally frequent, so I'd probably go with that.

    If you don't plan on leaving the property you're staying, I'd go with Wynn though. If you want to be around other casinos and hotels I'd go Bellagio.
  3. chico7800

    chico7800 Silver

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    Idk if I would call either of them lively. They are both very good hotels with excellent service but the vibe is more subdued than say Caesar properties or the Cosmo.

    For the casino hopping possibilities stay bellagio. The rooms don’t blow you away but I’ve never had a bad experience there and it’s consistently good and you can drunk stagger to Cosmo or ph pretty easily.
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  4. LondonDJ

    LondonDJ Bronze
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    Both. Always.

    I like to experience as much variety as possible while I'm in LV. It also let's me maximize my offers even if I don't use some of the nights.
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