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Best things to do in downtown now

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by seviay, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. seviay

    seviay Silver

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    This section hasn't been that active, so let's see what kind of feedback I get. Tell me the best things to do in Vegas currently, considering it's the middle of the summer
  2. IM ALL IN

    IM ALL IN Gold
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    I haven't stayed at the Nugget in years, (5? 6? maybe), so can't offer any help. I did get turned off on how many people try to talk you up at the machines and ask for money. (I'm normally as a rule a solo female) They did have PEOPLE who tried to keep the known ones out of the casino area. I did enjoy the Slot Tournaments at the Nugget. Totally different group of people than the strip. LOVED THEM. Big money, and no desire to do the strip hotels. My host there has stopped calling me tho, although I'm sure I could still get pick up and free tourneys if I wanted to go back. I've tried to cut back my trips to just 4 per year rather than 8, so doesn't afford a trip to stay downtown.
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  3. MGMSpringfield

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    I just did a couple nights in Downtown last month. I don't think any of this is groundbreaking because we probably all know everything down there, but these were the stops:

    -Enjoyed the renovated rooms at El Cortez, very nicely done and neat to stay in one of the oldest casinos.....and the "secret" Prime Rib special is pretty good (though ours was free with the room anyway)

    -Mob museum was worth the trip. We're New England people, so it was neat seeing some of the Boston/Providence/NYC mob names we've heard of in the museum. Pretty cool historic buiding as well. You could spend a couple of hours there easy if you like to read. And, on a July 110 degree day, there air conditioning works great! :)

    -Had heard about the container park for years and finally got there. Thought it was pretty lame. Very little upstairs, really just seemed like a few bars and restaurants, and some really speciality retail...but not much. Don't really get the hype, wouldn't go back.

    -One thing that may be worth checking out is the Cats Meow Karaoke bar. I've been to the one in New Orleans and its a load of fun. The Vegas version just opened on Freemont (it's upstairs in that weird two story 80's looking mall thing). I didn't go, but will next time I'm there.

    -The Donut Bar. If you like donuts even a little bit, this place is crazy cool. Donuts the size of your head. Suggest the french toast donut on weekends. Neat little hidden gem.

    -And me, well I just enjoy Freemont at night. Get a drink around 8 PM.....and just start wandering stage to stage, pop in to a casino here and there, listen to some music, watch the experience shows. See all the street performers. Just a fun vibe.

    -We did the breakfast buffet at Main Street Station. Another unique casino design worth checking out, and a lot of artifacts. Nice room for a breakfast buffet and very reasonably priced.
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  4. Goldenknight

    Goldenknight Platinum

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    The Neon Museum is pretty close to downtown. Well worth the trip, even from the strip
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    Mr2BOBCATS Gold

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    CET Diamond
    And definitely go for the Brilliant Experience too.
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  6. claired67

    claired67 Platinum
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    Frankie Moreno at the Smith Center was wonderful. I would absolutely go again if the dates of my trips lined up with a performance.

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