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Boyd Website Blows

Discussion in 'Comps - General Comp Discussion' started by Grid!, May 18, 2022.

  1. Grid!

    Grid! Platinum

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    Man, does their site suck. Typically I have to jump through hoops to get it to work. Flip my browser into incognito mode, or other hacks to finally get it to load.

    I have been trying all week, and either it just spins at the login screen, or it just launches a blank page.

    Am I alone with this?
  2. makikiboy

    makikiboy Bronze

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    I do sometimes have a problem logging into the site. What I do is to go to the other boyd casino sites and try to log on from there. Most of the time this works for me. If I can't log on from the Cal site I try MSS, or Gold Coast or Sam's town and try to log on from there.

    But there have been many times where the Boyd sites don't work so I just try again later or a day later.
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  3. Big Slotter/kdk

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    I have had issues for years with it.
    I mainly use it to book Vegas offers- if I need to book Orleans or Suncoast it typically works fine.
    But when I try to book some of the others like Aliante it never works, just says no rooms available. if I call they can always book and say "I know" when I tell them I tried to book online but cant.
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