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Ceasers Coliseum Boxseats

Discussion in 'Shows and Non-Gaming Entertainment' started by wrobinson32, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. wrobinson32

    wrobinson32 Silver

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    Does anyone know if the mezzanine “box” seats in the colliseum are suite style or differentiated at all from normal mezzanine?

    Looking at an upcoming concert and pricing is identical but I can’t find any pictures of the seats online to see what separates them.

    Thanks for any input
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    I haven't been there, but it looks like kinda sorta maybe but not really.

    This is a slightly-blown up pic of Secs 2 & 3 in the First Mezzanine.

    There's supposed to be 6 rows of seats and then a box behind the last row.

    I blew the pic up so you can see it looks like there's some sort of clear barrier or divider behind the last row in each section. Those barriers or whatever they are, don't exist behind sections that don't have boxes. I think I count only 6 rows of seats.

    So I don't know exactly what that means, lol. Maybe the box seats are just added behind the last row and inside the divider. Or maybe they're slightly raised seats that get put in behind the divider.

  3. wrobinson32

    wrobinson32 Silver

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    Thanks for the help, I didn’t see that picture last time I looked!
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