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Comps reducing

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by UK_Paul, Jul 14, 2019 at 12:56 AM.

  1. UK_Paul

    UK_Paul Bronze

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    Identity sterling, Total rewards platinum, Mlife pearl
    im not sure if this is the correct group to discuss this recently I have been seeing my identity benefits getting less and less. I have been a loyal visitor to Cosmo for the last few years, eating in the restaurants, playing the slots and at first I was getting good comps such as free play and dining credit alongside comped rooms.
    I still receive the comped rooms ( normally 4 nights) but have seen the free play and dining credit reduce to zero.
    I have worked hard to achieve gold status and coming from the U.K. I need to visit four or five times a year to just about keep this status up. I feel as though I gamble the same amount every trip so just wondered if anybody else has seen this reduction in comps. I have my next trip booked for mid August as I need 4000 point before 8/24 to keep up my gold status. Just hoping the slots are kind.
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    Mr2BOBCATS Gold

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    CET Diamond
    Yes, there is another thread going where many others have noticed a sudden drop in the FP / FB amounts with no obvious reason why, other than to boost the bottom lines for a potential sale sooner than later.
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  3. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
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    Cosmopolitan - Gold
    Downtown Grand - Silver
    Mine have been pretty consistent over the past year or so. Compared to say 3 or 4 years, it’s a little tighter. But the casino is also doing a lot better namely making a profit so perhaps they need less to entice players as they’ve got plenty for now.
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