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Cosmo Restaurants: To go?

Discussion in 'Restaurants and Eateries' started by kwool, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. kwool

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    Hi all,

    I was reading about crowded restaurants and limited availability and was wondering if any Cosmo restaurants were offering to-go options? To be honest, as a potential solo traveler (with no bar availability) eating in the room just seems safer and easier during COVID.

    I know Block 16, Secret Pizza, Starbucks, etc.; but I'm talking some of the nicer places like Blue Ribbon, Jaleo, and Scarpetta.

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  2. 44inarow

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    I can't speak specifically to those, but for the most part I've never had a problem getting a to-go order at most places in Vegas. Obviously you couldn't get é or Picasso, but at places that serve a la carte, you should be fine. At Aria I'd regularly get Lemongrass, Javiers, Pub, and Five50 (not just pizza, but other dishes) to go. I've done the same at Cosmo with Zuma and Holstein's.
  3. claired67

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    I’ve gotten to go food from Blue Ribbon at Cosmo before with no issues. (Pre social distancing-I was just on the way back from the pool and was starving for a good burger). I’m hoping I can get the budino at Scarpetta in a few weeks to go-it won’t be as pretty but it’s so good I want to try.
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