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Cosmopolitan Exclusives Thread

Discussion in 'Exclusives from The Cosmopolitan' started by VegasMonkey, May 31, 2016.

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    We've been very fortunate to have Kevin Sweet, the vice president of slots from The Cosmopolitan on Vegas Fanatics with an introductory offer to try their resort. Kevin has now graciously accepted an invitation from Vegas Fanatics to post on this thread events, news, and info from the Cosmopolitan that Fanatics may enjoy knowing about for upcoming trips. Kevin will also attempt to answer any general questions you may have about casino gaming, The Cosmopolitan, or Las Vegas in general.

    We would like to request that the conversations on this thread stay on topic for the posts as they are released. If you have other personal questions or comments relating to upcoming or past trips, Kevin has provided his contact details in his post under "Introduce Yourself." He can also be contacted through PM on the forum directed to Cosmo_Slot_Vice_President. Please make sure to give him a couple days to respond to any messages.

    A huge thank you to Kevin for keeping us at Vegas Fanatics up to date with The Cosmopolitan - we look forward to your posts!
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