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Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Cromwell - March 24-27, 2017

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by justmare, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. justmare

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    Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Cromwell - March 24 - 27, 2017


    Cosmo - $725 free play & $100 dining
    Tropicana - $575 free play
    Cromwell - $900 free play
    Four Queens - $150 free play
    Binion's - $150 free play

    Friday, March 24

    I was on the road about 4:45am and very, very happy for this trip. It has been stressful with business being very slow lately, so I really needed to get away. I blasted the music and enjoyed the drive.


    I arrived at Four Queens without traffic or any issues around 8:20am. I valeted the car and planned to walk over to Binion's first, but saw Pharoah's Fortune and had to play it, so I did my Four Queens play first.

    Pharaoh's Fortune .01 @ $2.25/spin won $40.80
    Aladdin's Fortune 3D .01 @ $2.40/spin lost $59.95
    Raging Rhino .01 (failed to write down how much per spin) lost $199.15
    Walking Dead 2 .01 $3/spin won $12.90
    Buffalo Gold .01 $3/spin lost $198.55
    $1 single line video poker won $200

    Four Queens totals:

    Coin in $4,272
    Loss $203.95
    Free Play $150 + $10 MRB coupon free play (included in win/loss)
    Cash back taken $47.00
    Net Loss $156.95

    I then walked over to Binion's and played.
    Buffalo Gold .01 $3.00/spin lost $99.45
    88 Fortunes .01 $2.64 - $5.28/spin lost $117.29
    Buffalo Gold .01 $2.40 - $3/spin lost $98.60
    $1 single line video poker lost $400.00

    Binion's totals:

    Coin in $6,028
    Loss $715.34
    Free Play $150 + $10 MRB coupon free play (included in win/loss)
    Cash back taken $56.00
    Net Loss $649.34

    I swiped for the Motherlode promo and got a free drink (didn't use), a free gift (Binion's hat), and a $20 dining voucher for the cafe or BBQ place. I was hungry by now (it was lunchtime), so I went to the cafe and had the Grid Iron breakfast with eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes (also comes with toast, but that's overkill when you already get potatoes and pancakes!). I also had a coke. The $20 voucher more than covered my meal and I left a cash tip for the server who was fantastic. The food was very good, too.

    On my way back to valet to get my car I stopped in the Four Queens gift shop and picked up a few drinks, snacks, and T-shirts to try to use up some of the still over $800 I have on my card. Without staying downtown and eating meals there it's pretty hard to use the amount of comps you earn for play there. I picked up my car and then headed to my next stop, Cosmopolitan.

    I left my bags with Bell Services thinking the room wouldn't be ready yet, but VIP had 6296 in the Boulevard Tower ready for me. I got the keys, grabbed a glass of champagne, and then hit the casino.
    Things started off well with my first machine! I hit the minor on Lock It link Diamonds for $250 and had a nice bonus of $570. (Missed the amount in the picture, sorry!)


    Lock It Link Diamonds .05 @ $2.50-$5/spin won $502.35
    Lock It Link Night Life .05 @ $2.50-$5/spin lost $197.30
    China Shores .01 @ $3/spin lost $32.20
    Walking Dead 2 .01 @ $3/spin won .66 LOL
    Walking Dead .01 $3/spin lost $197.42
    Cleopatra II .05 @ $5/spin lost $95.75
    Golden Festival .01 @ $2.04/spin won $59.85
    Dragon's Law .05 @ $4.50/spin lost $348.90
    Buffalo Gold .01 $3/spin won $70.00
    5 Treasures .01 @ $2.64 spin lost $217.60
    Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel .01 @ $4.80/spin lost $96.68
    Ocean Pearl .25 @ $5/spin lost $398.25
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $3/spin lost $335.70

    At this point I was down $1,286.94 at Cosmo. I took a break and went up to the room and had my bags brought up and got settled. The refrigerator I ordered never came even though I asked at check in if I had to be there for them to deliver and was told I didn't.

    Back to the casino again...

    Zeus Son of Kronos .01 @ $2.25/spin won $34.88
    Kronos Father of Zeus .01 @ $2.25/spin lost $138.80
    Walking Dead .01 @ $3/spin won $100.92
    Heidi's Bier Has .01 @ $2.25/spin lost $49.60
    Lightning Link Sahara Gold .01 @ $2.50/spin won $56.70
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $2.40-$3.60/spin lost $434.09
    $1 progressive video poker lost $610 + my $725 free play

    While I was playing the progressive is when my host came and sat with me and talked to me about posting my stats online.

    It was almost 9:30pm, so I quit playing and went into high limit for my first ever high limit pull with the Vegas Fanatics group. It was a blast! No major wins, but we all got back $220 of our $300 initial buy-in which is pretty incredible. It was also very nice meeting everyone. VegasMonkey did a great job of putting it all together and Diana Evoni was nice enough to video it. Hope I get to do another one sometime!
    I had had a couple gin & tonics while playing all afternoon, but got a champagne while we were all in high limit and was definitely feeling it. I'm not a big drinker. lol I probably should've hung it up as far as gambling goes for the night, but I didn't.

    $1 video poker progressive lost $150.00


    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $2.40-$3.60/spin lost $1,084.34
    Whales of Cash .05 @ $3/spin lost $99.41
    Ocean Pearl .25 @ $5/spin won $501.25


    Pharaoh's Fortune .25 @ $5/spin lost $96.25
    Cleopatra II .25 @ $5/spin lost $100.00
    Diamond Queen .25 @ $5/spin lost $100.00
    Lock It Link Diamonds .05 $2.50/spin won $55.00
    Miss Kitty Gold .01 @ $2.40/spin won $64.08
    Megabucks $1 Red Hot Respin $3/spin lost $222.00
    Whales of Cash .01 @ $3/spin lost $100.20
    Walking Dead 2 .01 $3/spin lost $639.59

    It was the middle of the night when I finally went to bed. I skipped dinner, but I think I ate a Kind bar while I was playing.

    Cosmo Totals:

    Coin in $33,084
    Loss $4,298.39
    Free Play $725 (included in win/loss)
    Comps earned $229.56 (can be used for free play, but didn't use this time)

    Saturday, March 25

    I slept in and laid around watching television for a while and then finally got up and got ready for the day. I was really hungry by this time and was just getting ready to leave my room to go down to The Henry for breakfast at lunchtime when the announcement came over the fire alarm speaker in the room that there was an ongoing investigation by the Las Vegas Metro police and we all needed to stay in shelter until further notice. I had no idea what was going on, but finally found out about the shooting that had taken place on the bus out front and that there was a standoff with the gunman who was in the bus parked in front of Cosmo.

    This is the picture from my terrace.


    It was almost 4pm by the time they ended the standoff and took the gunman into custody. In the meantime, I had eaten some cookies from the minibar and packed the nuts to take home with me to use up some of the dining credit I never got to use. I checked out of Cosmo via telephone, got my car from valet, and headed to my next stop, Tropicana. (Down $5,104.68 at this point.)

    I valeted the car at Tropicana and checked in. I was given a regular room in the Club Tower that was fine (388) and took my bags directly there and got settled. It was after 5pm now and I was very hungry (cookies didn't cut it), so I went to Bacio and was seated right away. I ordered chicken parmesan ($26) and a glass of Prosecco ($9) and enjoyed every bite of the half portion I ate. I really do think that Bacio does chicken parmesan better than any other Italian restaurant I've tried. I paid the $37.85 bill (with tax) with points and then headed to the casino.

    I went to the players club first to get my $575 free play loaded and the girl told me I had $190 free play on my card. She called to try to get it straightened out and was told just to put the $575 on and leave the $190 as well, so I ended up with $765 free play for the night. The $190 showed up as available first and when I was finished with that the $575 then showed up as available.

    Dragon's Law .01 @ $2.25/spin won $161.46
    Zeus Son of Kronos .01 @ $1.50-$2.25/spin won $40.50
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $1.80-$3/spin won $100.29
    88 Fortunes .01 @ 2.64-$5.28/spin won $70.10
    Wonder 4 Jackpots .01 @ $2-$4/spin lost $38.40
    Jackpot Inferno .01 @ $1.50/spin lost $41.80
    World of Wonka .01 @ $1.50/spin won $50.14
    Pink Diamonds $1 @ $5/spin lost $100.00
    Walking Dead 2 .01 @ $2.25/spin lost $278.93
    Lightning Link Magic Pearl .01 @ $1.50-$2.50/spin lost $297.67
    Kitty Glitter .01 @ $1.50-$3/spin lost $63.60
    Flintstones .01 @ $3/spin lost $149.58
    Buffalo .01 @ $2/spin lost $48.65
    Pharaoh's Fortune .25 @ $5/spin lost $6.75
    $1 single line video poker lost $400.00
    triple/five play video poker .25 lost $397.75
    I think I made it to bed around midnight.

    Tropicana Totals Day 1:

    Coin in $5,332
    Loss $1,400.64
    Free Play $765 (included in win/loss)

    Sunday, March 26

    I got up around 9am and got ready for the day. I went to the Beach Cafe for breakfast looking for a normal bacon and eggs meal, but they weren't offering regular menu items, just their little breakfast buffet (21.95). I got an omelet, some bacon, and a few berries with a Pepsi. It filled the hole, but there was nothing at all special about it. I paid the $23.74 (with tax) bill with points and headed back out to the casino. I wanted to play a little Walking Dead 2 again. I put my card in and there was another $190 free play on there. I ended up using that and another $400 cash before I finally hit a bonus and cashed out with a total win of $1.28! lol


    Tropicana Totals Day 2:
    Coin in $910
    Win $1.28
    Free Play $190 (included in win/loss)
    Comps earned $16.32 (for all Trop play)

    I went back to the room, packed up, checked out via telephone, and then headed to my next stop, Cromwell. (Down $6,504.04 for the trip.)

    I valeted my car and the Bell Services guy went in to check in with me and took me to Concierge and got me all situated. He gave me a little tour of the property and then took me up to my Parlour Suite on the 5th floor (528). I think they did a beautiful job renovating this property -- the suite was beautiful. While I was getting settled my amenity was delivered. I put the fruit platter and chocolate covered strawberries into the full-sized refrigerator before going down to the casino.


    Cromwell Parlour Suite pictures:






    One of those fancy toilets that the lid automatically goes up as you approach and the seat is heated. It also had all of the "cleaning" functions. lol


    The casino wasn't at all nice to me.

    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $2.40-$3/spin lost $597.62
    Jackpot Inferno .01 @ $2.50/spin won $2.12
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $3/spin lost $297.80
    DaVinci Diamonds .05 @ $3/spin lost $198.00
    Zeus Son of Kronos .01 @ $2.25/spin won $168.00

    I promised a friend I would get some needed points to get to a certain number of points to be able to use a particular benefit next trip, so I went to find some non-volatile video poker just to try to grind out the points. I decided on .25 triple play Bonus Poker and started playing and noticed this machine at max bet was 45 coins instead of 15 coins, so I backed it down to 15 coins and played the crappy 6/5 pay table. It wasn't going well at all, but I thought I had the needed points, pulled the card and checked, and it turned out it wasn't 40 points that were needed, but almost 400 points. I put the card back in and continued to play and then hit a royal. But then my heart sank when the royal only paid 1500 coins! I didn't even check when I backed it down to 15 coins, but that's what shorted the royal (jerks). Painful.


    I continued to play, but it was being awful, so I moved to nickel 50 play and was getting my butt kicked, so I moved to penny hundred play. I had lost the royal money and was down almost $400 and then moved to another 'normal' triple play machine and hit a few quads to bring me back. I had the 397 points needed and cashed out down $139.25.

    I then began playing on my card again.

    triple/five play .25 lost $200.00
    Diamond Queen $1 @ $9/spin won $480.00
    $1 single line video poker lost $700.00
    Bier Haus .01 @ $2/spin won $100.35
    Double DaVinci Diamond $1 @ $9/spin won $4
    Buffalo Stampede .01 $2.25/spin lost $98.85
    Zeus Son of Kronos .01 @ $3.75/spin lost $140.35
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $2.40-$3/spin lost $364.91

    I was hungry now and walked next door to Flamingo to use a Groupon I had for Carlos and Charlie's. I had a strawberry margarita and chicken fajitas. They were fine, but nothing special. After eating, I played a little at Flamingo, but it didn't go well there, either!

    Prowling Panther .01 (failed to write down bet amount) lost $199.80
    Double 4X Wild Cherry $1 @ $2/spin (I think) lost $100.00
    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $2.40-$6/spin lost $588.05
    Wonder 4 Jackpots .01 @ $4/spin lost $296.10

    Flamingo Totals:

    Coin in $2,215
    Loss $1,183.95
    Comps earned $4.43

    I went back to Cromwell and played some more.

    Buffalo Gold .01 @ $3/spin lost $99.50
    Dragon's Law .02 @ $2.70/spin won $242.10
    Dragon's Law .05 @ $3.60-$6.75/spin lost $197.10
    Cleopatra .01 @ $3/spin lost $101.10
    $1 single line video poker lost $1,240.00


    Cromwell Totals:
    Coin in $16,570
    Loss $3,377.91
    Free Play $900 (included in win/loss)
    Comps earned $23.14

    I went to bed with my tail between my legs. This had just been an awful trip for gambling!

    Total trip coin in $68,411
    Total trip loss $11,065.90

    Monday, March 27

    I got up at 5:15am, took a shower, check out via telephone, got my car from valet, stopped at Chevron on Russell Road, and was on the road home at 6:34am. I stopped in Primm to get an Egg McMuffin, but McDonald's was closed for renovation, so I got a breakfast burrito from Carl's Jr instead. I ran into a little bit of traffic on the 91 freeway, but still managed to get home by 10:30am. Not too much I want to remember about this trip.
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  2. Texas Steph

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    Thanks for the recap, and sorry about the losses. It really puts a damper on a much-needed getaway when the slots are being awful! I'm glad you went ahead and posted your TR, after all that went on with your host at Cosmo.

    The room pics were lovely. Hopefully you will kick ass next trip, get it all back and more.

    Good that you were safe in your room when all the madness was going down, and glad the trip home was uneventful as well.
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    Founding Fanatic

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    Thanks for the report but DAMN, nothing in .01 land worked for you at all...Any reason why you don't vary your play some with $1-5 reel slots? I kept expecting a big hit somewhere but holy shit...even got short paid on RF. I'm not too empathetic about gambling losses but I might just feel a smidge after reading your TR. At least your watch wasn't stolen and you didn't get shot in the head!
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  4. VegasMonkey

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    CET - Diamond
    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you were able to come out to the group slot pull and had fun. Hope there is a winning trip for you in the near future.
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  5. RedChip

    RedChip Gold
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    Nothing terribly exciting
    Tough trip, especially the short pay Royal! Brutal when you can't even get a egg McMuffin on your way out of town.
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  6. VegasChic

    VegasChic Buffalo Huntress
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    Club Grazie - Platinum
    Great recap but sorry about the loss! Those are tough trips when you just can't snag some good wins. Loved the pics of the Cromwell room, looked really well appointed- the strawberries were a nice touch! Wishing you better luck on the next trip!
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  7. Queso Fresco

    Queso Fresco Silver

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    mLife Gold
    Love the hardwood floor in the Cromwell room.

    Wishing you good luck on your next trip!
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  8. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
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    That Cromwell room looks nice.

    Just an alternative to VP when you want to grind out coin-in: look for Double Diamond slots, single line with an 800/1,600 top line or a five line with an 800/1,600/2,400/3,200/5,000 top line. Reasonably low volatility, and all CET joints have them, although they take some hunting at MGM and Cosmo.

    Not sure they're in your wheelhouse though, they don't have bells and whistles and bonuses like the pennies or the Cleos, nor any thought process like VP.
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  9. Indianasoxfan

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    A lot of them
    Great report, loved the details. Noticed that you played a lot of Buffalo Gold with the same results I always get on it. Just once I would like to hit a good bonus on that machine because it has so much potential. I'll give it one more try my next trip and if it's not nice it will end our relationship. Cromwell suite was beautiful and the amenities perfect. Thanks for posting and wish you much better luck on your next trip.
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  10. tcain282

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    others all low status
    Man, great report but shitty losses! It seems you couldn't buy a win, literally! That suite at the Cromwell is absolutely gorgeous. I love the slider door! It is now on my bucket list to stay there but not sure my low rolling bank roll will ever get me there on a comp. Great report, hoping your next trip is a winner!
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  11. NickPappageorgio

    NickPappageorgio ¿Quién vigila a los vigilantes?
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    Thanks for the TR, and the look inside the Cromwell, which I had never seen before, but it sucks about the run of bad luck.

    Really enjoy reading the stuff you do share on your gambling though, and your TR's. Every time.
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  12. Kimsa70

    Kimsa70 Gold
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    Isn't this a duplicate report? Where did the other one go? Or am I imagining things? Hmmm

    Regardless, sorry for your loss. Tough trip. I've been there! I don't count freeplay in my loss statistics.

    Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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  13. MNSlotLover

    MNSlotLover Ainsworth Whisperer
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    Thanks for the great TR! Sorry the slots were in absolute "Take" mode. I hate when they're like that. Better luck on your next trip.
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  14. Spock

    Spock Silver
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    In this iteration of the report, Mare tells to host who scolded her to F off and files a mental harassment complaint with management. ;-)
  15. dvandentop

    dvandentop Chairman
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    Damn thanks for detailed report. Including all the totals.
    For the machines where u lost $1k were you chasing a bonus?
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  16. Rick1323

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    We are in Bacio at the same time you were there on Sat night! Our niece was with us ( very tall blonde). I have never paid with points at the Trop as our host told us to just charge everything to our room, so that is what we do.....Got my ass kicked as well pretty much all week.......enjoyed the report, but not the losses!
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  17. Elf70

    Elf70 Palladium
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    Thanks for the TR Mare. It was nice meeting you at the slot pull. You're lucky you were in your room during the lock down. I was trapped at Aria. Sorry you didn't have a winning trip. The slots killed me also. Hopefully we'll both win next time!
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  18. justmare

    justmare Silver

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    Thanks for the sympathy and the good wishes. I guess I shouldn't be so happy to go anymore. I think I have better results when I'm apprehensive! lol

    I've really just started playing slots. I've played some reels in the past and really didn't care much for them, so I kind of stay away from them on purpose. Honestly, even though I didn't have good luck with video poker this trip I'm feeling like I should be playing more VP than slots. I got super lucky in January with slots, but boy, they've been killing me since!

    I kept expecting a big hit somewhere, too! That's my problem -- I normally DO hit something to bring me back, so I keep playing even when I shouldn't. And then there are the trips like this. I had another one like this last October. More play, but even bigger loss. Brutal!

    Me, too. It was really nice meeting all of you nice VF's!

    This comment had me rolling! Yeah, it was so bad I couldn't even get an Egg McMuffin!

    Thanks! I left the fruit platter, but brought those strawberries home. Just finished 'em off yesterday. They were delicious!

    Thanks! I've heard some people say they don't like the hardwood floors in the regular rooms, that it makes the room too 'cold', but since they were just in the living/dining room areas of the suite I liked 'em. The bedroom was carpeted and felt nice and cozy. I would stay at Cromwell again in a heartbeat, but I hated the casino -- way too small -- just not enough machines to choose from.

    Yeah, I'm not really into reels, but I may give 'em a shot again sometime.

    I've hit a couple of jackpots on Buffalo Gold and a couple other pretty nice bonuses, so I know it has potential... and that's my problem! I keep chasing that great bonus again and it's just not coming. I've lost far more chasing those bonuses than I've won and I still can't resist trying.

    Hope you get something good next time to play it!

    Yeah, literally! lol Thanks!

    Thank you! I really hate the feeling of being censored. I purposely left my theo info out for CET, too, because I don't trust that trouble could be started for me with that casino relationship, if you know what I mean.

    Not a duplicate. I just wrote this report last night, but we were talking in another thread about the talking to in regards to posting theo info, so that could be what you're thinking about.

    Thanks for the sympathy!

    I should probably clarify the 'free play included in win/loss' statement. I don't actually include it as part of the loss. If I say I lost $1000 then I lost $1000 cash. I have friends who actually add/subtract the free play amount from their win/loss like it's actual cash they're getting back from the casino. I don't do it that way. I just mean I lost $1000 cash AND I lost the free play on top of it. If that makes sense.

    Thanks. That's exactly what I call it, "take mode"!

    LOL! Love it!

    No, I was just feeding and feeding hoping for the machine to finally hit. That's been my style with video poker for years -- stay on one machine and beat the shit out of it until it pays (doesn't always work, of course). For the most part, I don't do that with slots, except with Buffalo Gold. Having hit those jackpots in the past on it I have a tendency to feed and feed instead of walking away.

    This is the first time I've paid with points at Tropicana. I'm not booking through a host there anymore. I have no intention of playing at that level with them anymore. Although I love Bacio, they don't really have enough to offer for me to make it a primary place.

    Since my regular offer free play was on my card in addition to the weekend-specific offer I used, I probably had my $150 daily food credit on my card, too, but it didn't even cross my mind to check. It's okay, though, because there's really nothing for me to spend my points on anyway.

    Sorry you got your ass kicked, too! Hope your Bacio meal was as good as mine was!
  19. justmare

    justmare Silver

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    Marquee Rewards - Producer
    It was nice meeting you, too!

    I hadn't looked at it that way, but yeah, I guess I was very lucky to at least be stuck somewhere comfortable.

    Sorry you had a bad losing trip, too. Yes, let's hope we both win next time!
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  20. Pleasemum

    Pleasemum Platinum
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    MLife, Identity
    It takes commitment to post a report where the end result was tough to experience, never mind reliving with a write-up. I appreciate reading the details though. So thank you. Next trip will look different for the better!!
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