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Demo Luxor?

Discussion in 'Vegas News' started by MGMSpringfield, Jun 29, 2020.

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    This came up in IrishDave's trip report thread -- I won't say I don't trust Roeben at all, but this seems like one of his quintessential "let's throw it up against the wall and if it happens a decade from now I can claim I had the scoop" ideas. I'm sure it'll happen some day, but I just don't see it soon. MGM is highly unlikely to have the stomach to build a new resort from the ground up when they're getting ready to spend a few billion on Japan. In addition, building new low-end resorts isn't really a great strategy given how much the costs are going to be, and I don't think there's a market for another high-end resort, especially since MGM already has Bellagio, Aria, and MGM Grand.
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    yeah I saw that as well. would be surprised to see it go figured excalibur would go quicker seems like euro people really like excalibur

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