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Deposit cash at the Cosmo

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by jtaboas, May 10, 2019.

  1. jtaboas

    jtaboas Bronze

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    I will stay for the first time at the Cosmo and I'm asking myself, if there is a possibility to deposit cash (around 5'000 dollar) at the cashier to avoid to have the money in the room save and have a fast access to the money to gamble.

    Does someone of you know this?

  2. Hard4

    Hard4 Gold

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    Yep - just walk up to the cage to make a front money deposit. Easy as can be.
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  3. Hard8

    Hard8 Bronze

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    I do it every trip and have done it at Cosmo. I love the convenience especially if your a table game player, not sure how it works for slots.

    If it’s your first time at any property it takes about 10 min for the cage to create an account for you and you’ll need to sign some stuff for a signature on file. Then they take your front money and give you a receipt.

    At the table ask for a marker in a $500 increments when handing over your players card. So $1000 or $1500, etc. The pit calls the cage or looks it up on the computer then approves the dealer to give you chips.

    Gamble as normal and at the end of your session if you’re up you can “buy back” your marker at the table which redeposits the money in the cage. If you’re down you can cash out your remaining chips at the cage. At the end of your trip collect any remaining front money at the cage.

    The downside is cash is locked at one property, but I play where play where I stay so that’s not problem for me.
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  4. jtaboas

    jtaboas Bronze

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    Thanks a lot for the explanation!
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