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Downtown 9/22 9/27 - Craps

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by Clay/hall, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Clay/hall

    Clay/hall Member

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    Hello All,

    Have been to Vegas many times in the past but haven’t been in 10+ years, in the past I have most always stayed on the strip. First time staying downtown. Due to my declining health at 60/yo I didn’t think I would be visiting Vegas any longer as the 5 hour flight for a man weighing in at over 300 lbs was a challenge in it self. To help move this along, my health issues were addressed and after loosing some weight and having stents put in my legs when the opportunity came about to join my old Vegas group I decided to give it another go, glad I did.

    Our group of 7 left from Delaware at 2:30 Am on Sunday 9/22 for 7:30 departure from BWI to Las, all went as expected with our flight with SW.

    Arrived in Vegas 9:30 Am (3 hour time difference from east coast/ 5 hour flight). We were staying at the D downtown and they Provided transportation for our group too and from the airport.

    The D downtown:

    One of our group has had a host at the D for a few years now and check in was easy. We were taken in a separate room and checked in in less that 15 minuets for our entire group.

    The rooms at the D were great, nice beds, clean and nice bathrooms. I had called ahead and discovered they did not have coffee in the rooms so I pack my one cup travel coffee maker. Got to have my coffee.

    The casino at the D was great. I played some video poker at the long bar and of course played many hours on their craps tables.
    Tables at the D are 14 ft with a little bit of a bounce but very playable, dealers were great. I had read about the loud music at the D from others but I guess they have lowered it as it didn’t bother me.

    After check in I went to the Walgreens next door for snacks and water for the room. I had a massage lined up at the Orleans for 2 pm and requested an Uber from my app. Car was there in minutes and the ride to the Orleans from the D was 12.00.
    I started with a nice shower then the steam room then whirlpool then the massage which was just what I needed after the long flight and being up for 15 hours. Back to steam room then another shower and shave then down to the Orleans crap table.

    Had a winning Crap session at the Orleans and liked their tables and dealers.
    Phone battery went dead so couldn’t contact Uber and got a cab back to the D 27.00 / got to love Uber, cab over twice the cost.
    Arriving back downtown my mind was telling me I wanted to do what I call the downtown crawl checking out the craps tables but my legs soon told me I needed to rest so back to the room for a couple of Johnnie Walker blacks and a nap.

    On Monday I was up at 5 am. My favorite coffee in the room, shower and out the door by 6 Am. I checked out a number of casinos and played at some along the way. When I made it to Main Street Station I had their breakfast buffet which was good.

    I had a tuneup session lined up with Howard at his crap pit in Vegas. Howard picked me up at 11:45 from downtown and we had a few hours at his pit where he showed me a couple of his specialty tosses and tweaked my OA toss. This was my second training session with Howard and I was skeptical of his specialty tosses but learned from experience that they Do have their place. If you are serious about your craps game I suggest you take a lesson or two from a qualified teacher such as Howard. I have had many golf lessons from many different teachers and the one thing I learned is I got something from each of them that helped my game. I have met with Howard twice now and have learned something each time that has helped my game. Thank you Howard if your reading this.
    Howard dropped me off downtown around 4 and I went to the room for a couple Johnnies and a nap.
    Got back out on Fremont around 10 pm and took in the sights, a lot going on with the bandstand s, street performers , light show, open bars, etc. Played a couple sessions at a couple different casinos, winning some,loosing some.

    Tuesday got a text from Howard that he and a couple of his students were going to be playing and asked if I wanted to join them. He picked me up and we met the others at Palace Station and had a winning session which is always a great time. Next we headed to the Gold Coast where we didn’t stay long at all. Things just didn’t seem right for us there at the time.

    Howard dropped me off back downtown where I met the others in my group for dinner at Vic & Anthony’s which was very good.
    Back to room after dinner for some rest then down to the tables at the D.

    Wednesday got a message from Howard that he and a student were headed downtown to shoot. I met them at the Fremont where we played for an hour or so. Howard and his student went for lunch at Binion s while I had a very nice session at the Binion’s tables. We left Binions and went to Palace Station where we finished up our day together.
    After dropping me back off downtown I met my group for dinner at the Binions steakhouse, which was great.

    Thursday : I haven’t spent much time with our group which isn’t surprising to them as I didn’t spend much time with the group in years past. This group have been goin to Vegas for over 30 years together. There have been as many as 22 on some of these outings with it dwindling down to just 7 with me being the youngest at 60. I didn’t spend much time with them in the past as I spent most of my time in a poker room or playing crap and the others are mostly slot players but have gotten into paigow poker.
    So on this day I spent a few hours playing paigow poker with them then on to the craps tables downtown.
    We had dinner at the steakhouse at the D which was very good. After dinner I spent a far amount of time at the tables at Binions and Fremont.

    Friday: Played a session at the D table and we left at 11 for the airport for the trip home.


    Had a great time, love staying downtown. At my age downtown is less walking and suites my wants and needs.

    For someone that enjoys playing craps it has a lode of tables within walking distance, minimums are mostly 5.00 and for the most part dealers are good.
    Got dice taken away from me at Binions one night while on a good roll, at MSS ran into a bald headed dickhead of a box man that was doing more harm to the game than helping it, after his shift was over the new box was great.

    Ate some great food. Binions, Golden Nugget, and The D steakhouse s were all great.

    Winning / Loosing

    I haven’t talked much about wins and losses as they petty much off set each other.
    I use the envelope system for my gambling bankroll. I had one for each day (5) . I never got into the first one. On my first session I had money’s from my home casino winnings and brought in my first session with that and never needed to get into the safe for more. That in itself made this a great trip and has me looking forward to my next.
    Largest win. 860.00
    Largest loss. 230.00
    Lot of +100. - 100.00 sessions.

    That about sums it up. If I think of anything else od substance I will add it later.

    Hope all is well with the group and thank you for your time.

    Clay —- ——- ———-
  2. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Glad you had a good time!
  3. MissL7777

    MissL7777 Platinum
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    Congrats on a really fun trip. Glad you got to visit and look forward to your next trip report.
  4. Crap808

    Crap808 Member

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    If I may ask, why did they take the dice from you at binions?
  5. Clay / Craps

    Clay / Craps Member

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    I had a good roll going and they had a shift change which is when a new box man sat down.

    My second roll one die didn’t hit the back wall, he said both die have to hit wall. I nodded to him that I heard him, two rolls later it happened again and he said second warning next time you will have to pass the dice. I said sorry I understand.
    Now I know he was right but I haven’t had any heat from the previous box and this was my third time with the dice so I changed up my throw from the low slow to a drop shot. Point was 8, first shot both dice hit wall, nothing said, next shot, bot dice stopped dead 1/2 way between the pass line and back wall, H8, stick said H8 PL winner, box said to stick pass the dice he is no longer shooting.
    Like I said before, I know he was right but I really didn’t want to change the shot that was making me money.
    No argument from me, I thanked them colored up and left.
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  6. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Platinum
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    Enjoyed reading your report. Was there a discernible difference in Howard's live results?
  7. Clay / Craps

    Clay / Craps Member

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    Yes, I have shot with Howard in many sessions both in Vegas and AC. As with any shooter there are short rolls and longer rolls. When playing with him and other students it seem like someone always get a good roll going.

    I have seen him P7O and I have seen him roll in the 30s
    Playing with Howard is not all about shooting.
    Charting the tables / explaining the trends and how to bet or not b bet them
    Explaining table bounce and how to handle it
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  8. RedChip

    RedChip Gold

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    Nothing terribly exciting
    Nice job on losing the weight, improving health and getting back to Vegas. I love downtown too for some of the same reasons. I like to casino hop on foot and that can be tough on the strip. I also like the better gambling value downtown. Thanks for your trip report!

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