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Downtown Casinos, how do you rank em?

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by OkieOil26, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. OkieOil26

    OkieOil26 Bronze

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    The D
    Here's how I rank all the downtown casinos, not for any one reason, but for which ones gets me through the door the most times over the course of a trip.
    #1-The D, just my overall fav and where I usually stay
    #2-Golden Nugget, classiest of all the "downtowners"
    #3-Golden Gate-like the craps tables, no more Dupars, it may move down the list!
    #4-El Cortez, just cause it has "Old Vegas" feel and yes smell. Fun times and interesting characters at the craps table at times
    #5-The Plaza, has a Hash House and quick sports book to place wagers
    #6-The Cal, really like the new sportsbook area
    #7-MSS, Boars head bar to sit and play some VP and good microbrews
    #8-QQQQ, usually once or twice a trip I go around 5am and play craps by myself and throw from the dark side, just cause I can.
    #9-Binions, kind of sad what its turned into,used to have a great poker room, craps games and not to mention no more rooms
    #10-Downtown Grand, always seems to be kind of dead when I stop in, keeping thinking it has potential
    #11-Freemont, never one I really spend any time at
  2. Willie

    Willie AKA Slim-Willie
    Founding Fanatic

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    For gambling, comps and rooms and food,,, Golden Nugget #1....

    MSS # 2,,,Older but nice,,,, but semi good gambling (lousy BJ) good Boars Head bar, 20x craps, good 777 restaurant..

    El Cortez, I tried to gamble there twice and it is not for me...
    I'm going to play at The D on my next visit and hope to get future comps to stay there..

    Downtown Grand casino,, not only dead, but buried....

    The Plaza I'll find out more in May. I gambled there 2 years ago and all I remember is the casino was very dark...
    Fremont,,, disappointing all around...except for location...

    Golden Nugget is my home base downtown.... I'd like to narrow my comps and trips to Treasure Island on the Strip and Golden Nugget downtown... They seem to be nice places, good gambling,, easy comps... The Plaza may be added, we'll see and I always have Orleans in my pocket... Nothing not to like about the Orleans except location..
  3. sb_bob

    sb_bob Member

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    Good thread ...

    #1 Golden Gate - Love the BJ, Craps, cocktail service, and fun feeling
    #2 MSS - Love sitting at the bar and playing good VP. Craps also good and a good place to catch something to eat.
    #3 4 Queens - If I want to play BJ Switch, it is the only place downtown. Also like Chicago Brewing and gumbo at Magnolias
    #4 The D - Good bar VP and horse races upstairs. Would like it more but just too noisy downstairs
    #5 The Plaza - Good gambling but ohh ... that smell
    #6 DT Grand - Fun employees but just a bit too dead
    #7 Golden Nugget - For NL Hold'em and sometimes food
    #8 California - Has never clicked to me
    #9 El Cortez - Good gambling but a bit depressing to me
    #10 Fremont - Not much to say
    #11 Binions - Was once a great place but not anymore
  4. NickPappageorgio

    NickPappageorgio The sucker at the table.
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic 2018 March Madness Winner

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    1. Golden Nugget - I just think it's the best all-around DT.
    2. The D - Love the Long Bar, the classic area and the vibe.
    3. Golden Gate - Laid back but fun.
    4. The Plaza - especially after the remodel
    5. El Cortez - It's like walking back in time.
    6. MSS - Good food, beer, OK play.
    7-11: All the rest.
  5. bigred4770

    bigred4770 Bronze

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    1. El Cortez - I love the old Vegas feel, rooms are clean, and the drinks at the bar are great
    2. The D - love the atmosphere and it has really good slots
    3. Main Street Station - can't beat free in house beers at the boars head bar
    4. Golden Gate - really enjoy craps there and the small casino feel to it
    5. Four Queens- love being able to play video poker while watching Fremont street
    6. Fremont - great place to play craps
    7. Downtown Grand - I really want to like this place but there is no atmosphere

    8. The rest - Golden Nugget I don't like the gambling odds, plaza and binions seem like great places run very badly

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  6. jyen

    jyen 2018 RF :4 AWAK :23 PremQuad/kicker :58
    Founding Fanatic

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    I've only been to downtown once and did a casino hop.

    Fav would be el cortez followed by golden gate.

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  7. vegasmacker

    vegasmacker Shut up liver, you're fine
    VIP Pledge Member

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    TR-Platinum MLife-Pearl
    1. Golden Gate - Love the bar and $5 BJ
    2. The D - Long Bar and Sigma Derby
    3. 4 Queens - Mike's Bar full pay DDB
    4. Golden Nugget - Great craps crews
    5. MSS - Boars Head Bar and 777 Brew Pub
    6. The Cal - Treasure Chest VP and the Golden Arm Wall
    7. Fremont - Special place in my heart for the atmosphere of the buffet
    8. El Cortez - Last time there played $5 single deck
    9-11 Never really placed in the others at all
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  8. Texas Steph

    Texas Steph Semi-reformed Degen
    Founding Fanatic

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    1. MSS- nostalgia (1st place we stayed at DT), 777 pub, Boars Head Bar, and have won most of my Royals here.
    2. Four Queens- Mikes Bar for VP and the cool bartenders, have had lots of luck here too.
    3. The D- good slot selection.
    4. Binion's- decent slot selection and have had good luck mostly.
    5. - 11. The rest.
  9. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    Player's Clubs:
    Cosmopolitan - Gold
    Downtown Grand - Silver
    Downtown Grand
    The D
    Golden Gate

    Those are the only ones I play at.
  10. BillRider

    BillRider Bronze

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    Player's Clubs:
    Plaza, Boyd Gaming, D, Binions,
    The Plaza, best comps, large quiet rooms, great drinks service, decent BJ & VP odds
    Fremont great early morning double deck BJ & always new slot selection, comped breakfasts
    Binions great comps on slots & cafe.Poor shadow of it's former self re table games
    El Cortez great in the day, don't know about at night, never liked the idea of walking there in the dark,
    4Q first place we ever got a Royal no unpleasant experiences, ever.
    MSS, good VP Great beer nice buffet
    The D, fantastic selection of new slots, great table games but the NOISE! one hour is our max.
    Golden Gate, nice atmosphere, good BJ, not so many slots now. Miss the old Deli Bar, won't miss DuPars, rude staff overated food
    Cali looks great now after all the works, never feel real comfortable
    Golden Nugget, lousy odds & the staff can be even worse The grill is OK Walk back to room in Carson Tower is takes forever,
    Downtown Grand always a disappointment.We always say never again, always try again & always the same!

    Have only stayed in Plaza, 4Q, Golden Nugget, Fitzgeralds, Binions, Las Vegas Club,
    Have tried booking with Boyd, (Fremont, MSS & Cali) but the staff can never find either of our players cards for any comps.
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  11. Sondor

    Sondor Bronze

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    Diamond Harrahs
    Golden Nugget is obviously the nicest, but I never win there and the comps are not as good as when the Internet guys owned it.
    I like Binions,,,Like the Mother Lode Game where you spin the wheel after earing so many points. The drink service is great, especially once they know you. and they have a good slot selection. The comps build quicker than I can spend them but limited food options.
    Binions puts you up at 4-Queens for free rooms...only so so on the casino but it's ok.
    Freemont is ok, but I never get a decent offer from them...Something seems wrong there.
    Plaza-Vegas club used to be my main place but Plaza seems to be slowly removing machines and Vegas Club closed, used to be better.
    Cal, MS, El Cortez and Grand are fine but don't like walking to any of them real late at night...
    The D the music is too loud for me...The Gate is ok but the Rooms are small and I still remember it as the Place that smells like a Nursing home
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  12. zoey11

    zoey11 Bronze

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    CET, Golden Nugget, Boyd
    Love Golden Nugget and The D for rooms and fun atmosphere.
    Golden Gate is a fun, small place that for some reason, I have been lucky in.
    Downtown Grand, good rooms, haven't won a lot there but they give great comps
    to get you in.
    Four Queens, I'm not sure, I like playing the lower limit Miss. Stud, Three Card poker
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  13. Funkhouser

    Funkhouser Regional Gambling Specialist
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    CET Diamond
    1) Golden Nugget - Property upgrades, selection of games, comp program. Love this place. Only property I really enjoy downtown, that is strip quality.
    2) California (Since remodel this place has stepped up in quality)
    3) Downtown Grand - Casino, staff, and drinks as good quality as GN, too bad the casino isn't bigger and the sports book sucks. Not as smokey or loud as other DT casinos raises it up a notch.
    4) Plaza - Improvements on property making this place better. Customer service and slot club keeps me away.
    5) The D - Longbar is cool, Derek Stevens presence makes place feel old school. If they would just turn down the music and deal with casino smoke this place could move up a notch.
    6) El Cortez - Still like this place, though the VP is not as good as it used to be.
    7) Four Queens - Like playing VP here, but casino feels claustrophobic when busy. Low ceilings and bad ventilation make this place uninhabitable for non smokers when busy.
    8) All the rest
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  14. topcard

    topcard Resident Downtown Low-Roller
    Founding Fanatic

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    It would really be hard for me to rank the downtown properties... so, here's what I like (and dislike) about each of them:
    1. Golden Gate - love the 'feel' of the place and the fun atmosphere... love their UTH table & the double-deck game in the HL room...suites are very nice. Truly good drink service. On the down-side, their standard rooms are quite small & do not have individual HVAC control for the guest. Dupars closed. No two-deck blackjack on the main floor.
    2. Plaza - very-decent rooms and not too tough to earn room offers (which cover resort fee too). UTH is good, with the superior 8-6-5 Trips paytable. The blackjack "party" room is kind of fun too. On the downside, no two-deck available except for the single, usually empty $25-minimum table.
    3. Binion's - classic location. That's about the only good thing I can say at this point. My last time in there (Feb), there was no 3:2 blackjack at all, and the place was more dead than DTG or Plaza. Really sad.
    4. Nugget - Nicest overall property. Wide selection/variety of table-games... really good food there... but a bit too proud for a downtown casino, with minimums always higher than everywhere else downtown... and they've decided that their longshot progressive bonus bets needed to be $5, instead of the $1 that every other property charges for those bets. Cocktail service is average at best, and considering how highly they think of themselves, I would expect better.
    5. 4-Queens - Like Binion's, I saw no playable blackjack there at all... all of it 6:5. They do have a really good UTH table (8-6-5) and it's the place downtown to play 3-card... drink service is good & Magnolia's is the best available alternate to the now-defunct Dupar's. Haven't stayed there in many years, but the rooms were certainly adequate...nothing fancy, but not atrocious either.
    6. 'theD' - rooms are quite nice...place has a very fun 'feel' to it... love the UTH table there... very good drink service...but no available two-deck blackjack on the floor, although they do have a $50 DD table in their HL room. Sigma Derby upstairs is a nice nod to the past & the clientele lean to the young side, which makes for enjoyable people-watching.
    7. DTG - feels quite "staid" and calm...which is fine, if you like that sort of thing... 1 half-decent $10 two deck game, but no DAS permitted. As others have mentioned, the DTG always seems to have great "potential", but also seems to constantly elude them as to how they could realize that potential. I never stayed there, but I understand that the rooms are nice, as is their pool.
    8. El-Co - best place downtown for blackjack..nobody else is even close. Yes, it's old...yes, there's a 70s-era scent that seems to be a combination of cigarette smoke & stripper's talc... yes, it's a "low-roller" joint, but it has a great, nostalgic feel to it, some great old-school characters inhabit the place (seemingly perpetually), and I've never not had fun there.
    9. The Fremont - on the plus side, it owns a classic '4-corners' location & can boast the shortest distance between the room elevators & the table games. Plenty of $5 & $10 two-deck pitch blackjack...but like all of Boyd downtown, no DAS permitted. Good cocktail service, but the comped coffee is terrible...fortunately, there's a Dunkin' Donuts just off of the main floor. Rooms are in serious need of a refurb/remodel. Even if you smoke, you may want to request a non-smoking room, as the smoking rooms are nearly unlivable.
    10. The Cal - to be fair, I haven't really explored it much since the re-model... same blackjack conditions as Fremont & MSS... good food there. No UTH at any Boyd property, so they're really missing out on that front. The bridge connecting to MSS is a nice plus, as is the easy shortcut through Binion's to get back to Fremont St.
    11. MSS - yes, it's a Boyd casino, so no DAS... but this property has what the other Boyd's do not - a visually beautiful casino... really nice - you must see it to understand what I'm talking about... really good bar food at 777, great VP (from what I understand) & several good brewed-on-site draft beers to choose from, compable at the tables.

  15. ddd228

    ddd228 Guest

    Casinos: MSS for craps & BJ and VP & drink service when gaming! Oh,the 777!
    The Fremont for BJ and craps &drink service & Pick 'Em poker.
    DTG for the 80's music & BJ & drink service.

    I'm a smoker and I hate The Fremont! Even the elevator stinks of smoke.
    The GG gives me claustrophobia with the low ceilings.
    The "D" is just too frikken' LOUD
    Golden Butt Nugget: Nice casino but gaming not very good.
    El Cortez: BJ & ice cream,but it smells like the Fremont.
    Binions: Good & cheap food fast,maybe some single deck BJ.

    This is about casinos.Not rooms.
    Rooms: DTG and the Golden Nugget.Yes,in that order.
  16. noisywater53

    noisywater53 Member

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    mid level at boyds
    Main Street: I get the best comps there. Remodeled rooms are very good. Decent VP which is my main game. Always enjoy the atmosphere and decor. Great bar and good bartenders. Buffet for dinner is a ritual especially when they have osso buco. Craft beers!
    Four Queens: great bars and bartenders! Good VP though I miss the 10-7 Double Bonus Poker. Magnolias always great reasonable food! Hard to get a comped room anymore but when I do I stay opposite the Fremont because of the late playing bands.
    Cal: Good VP! Cleanest bathrooms downtown! Miss the old bar but like the remodel overall. Love that they still have the coin droppers.
    El Cortez: the place to see Old Vegas! Decent VP. Enjoyable bars. Coin droppers!
    Golden Nugget: Used to be my favorite place before Landrys took over. Keep hoping Steve Wynn will buy it back and run it like he did 25 years ago. Beautiful place but it seems geared to take your money.
    Golden Gate: Miss the old place and its shrimp cocktail. Probably needed the updating to stay in business.
    Plaza: I really this place will rock! But it doesnt really draw me in.
    Binions: Benny we still miss you!
  17. BillRider

    BillRider Bronze

    Likes Received:
    Player's Clubs:
    Plaza, Boyd Gaming, D, Binions,
    Reading the posts here, the one thing I cannot understand is, such a high proportion of people all with the same comment/complaint
    The D is "TOO LOUD" We feel the same, can't stay in there too long, can't hear each other or the CW.
    It's as if Derek Stevens & his staff never listen to customers or maybe they feel they know best?
    Any ideas?
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  18. Homelessnyc

    Homelessnyc Silver
    Founding Fanatic

    Likes Received:
    Or maybe it's just a small group that post these complaints and the majority don't mind it.

    If it was a huge problem that he was losing money from it trust me he would be making a change.
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  19. Wanker751

    Wanker751 Palladium
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

    Likes Received:
    Yeah this probably. I go to GG to play UTH cause of the Dancing dealers at night.
  20. MatthewNL

    MatthewNL Silver

    Likes Received:
    Player's Clubs:
    Mlife Gold
    I actually find myself spending a lot more time downtown. If I were to rank the casino's it would be something like this.

    1. The Plaza: Love the remodeled look while keeping that old Vegas appeal. 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe (%0.996417 return) bartops make it pretty much +ev to gamble when including free drinks and points/comps.

    2. El Cortez: Old school cool! My favorite place to play craps or blackjack. Great bartenders and the Siegels 1941 restaurant is the best value in Vegas love the prime rib special.

    3. Golden Nugget: Nicest location downtown by far, plus the only place to play real poker. Good tournaments and cash games. Paytables are not great on the machines but seem to win here anyway!

    4. Four Queens: Great value place to gamble, good energy, great bartenders. Love Chicago Brewery and Magnolia's. Bartops have great progressives for VP, sometimes see huge payouts on double double bonus.

    5. The D: Only thing I like here is Andiamo's, I would rate it as the best steakhouse downtown and in terms of quality of dining, even on par with strip steakhouses.

    I have been to all of the other properties downtown but find myself staying to the above 5, there is nothing really memorable about the others with the exception of Main Street and The California for some old rarer games.
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