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Downtown demo begins...Good bye Vegas Vickie, Mermaids, etc.

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by SFGfan, Jun 13, 2017.

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  2. Ainsworth

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    I was walking around Fremont last night and I got to see Vickie before she's taken down. The wiring had been removed, but she was still up there. It's bittersweet seeing all these changes, but hopefully some amazing things will come of it.
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  3. Funkhouser

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    Personally I am glad to see a 'do over' of the old Las Vegas club site. It at least means the Stevens brothers are thinking bigger
    in terms of bringing something new to downtown. So hopefully their vision will mean they plan to bring something more upscale to downtown
    to compete directly with the Golden Nugget and to maximize the footprint.

    The old LVC had 410 rooms and 24000 sq feet of gaming space

    GN has 2400 rooms and 38000 sq feet of gaming space.

    So given the state of things downtown, I think a new resort opening with a 1000 to 1200 rooms
    and another 60,000 sq feet of gaming would be a good mix for the place. That would match
    what The D currently has in gaming. The LVC site has a footprint where they could go upward with one or two towers for under 300 million.
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