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Downtown Thoughts and Observations..

Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by Marko62, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Marko62

    Marko62 Bronze

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    I posted a full TR on the other thread if interested. Here are a few observations from my weekend in Vegas:

    - Downtown Grand is doing great business at the hotel and pool while the casino continues to be slow. A bartender at Freedom Beat even mentioned that the new hotel tower can't get built fast enough.
    - Golden Gate continues to grow as the renovations continue. Place was packed Sat. night.
    - Got a tour of the renovated rooms at the Plaza and the Penthouse looks awesome. They also offer new Pool Suites that open up to the Pool Deck. The suits at Plaza have done a good job of not becoming an old, dirty, Downtown cliche. I hope they continue to evolve.
    - Ellis Island is doing good things. It's slowly moving away from the homeless hot spot it once was.
    - Tried out Tropicana for the first time. It was nice and smelled good. I assumed it would have more of a worn feel, but it did not.
    - Also stopped by Hooters for the first time. Nope. Cramped, dirty, drunk and the dealers while hot, were arrogant.
    - SLS desperately needs that re-branding. It was dead.

    - Freedom Beat at DTG is a great casino restaurant. They also are very good about offering deals/coupons.
    - Brightside at Plaza was an unexpected treat for breakfast.
    - Ja Burritos at the Linq is a cool concept that is filling, but doesn't make you stupid full.
    - Project BBQ Food Truck is awesome.
    - Vanguard Lounge is a nice retreat from the smoky casinos Downtown if you want a good cocktail.
    - AmeriCAN at the Linq is another good spot for a drink and to get your USA on.

    A few final observations:
    - I think we have hit our quota on fat guys in thongs and fat women in pasties on the FSE asking for tips. If I saw one, I saw 15.
    - Most of the employees (outside of The D and Golden Gate) are not excited about the 18 Fremont project. The common response is that the new casino will take away the charm of Downtown by adding a Strip like resort. I can see their point, but it will be fun to watch what happens.
    - Finally, if you want the place to yourself, visit Downtown on a Monday morning. The weekenders are gone and locals are at work. It's just you and the homeless. Bonus: the cocktail service was super fast!

    Thanks for reading
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