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Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by nolablackjack, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. nolablackjack

    nolablackjack Bronze
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    So I was at my local (Harrah's NOLA) yesterday afternoon. Sat at a $100 3/2 S17 shoe game and checked in for $4000 with one other player. He was betting quite erratically and eventually cashed out. So I was left by myself - playing my usual two spots. Things were not going great, but was not terrible. Until a relief dealer came in. When Michelle got there, I had $2300 in front of me. I lost the next 4 hands...so down to $800. So like a degenerate, I put in another hand to mix things up. I got a few bucks back and by the time my regular Dealer returned, I was back to even $$$$. Another guy came to the table and on the next shuffle, he checked in for $1000. After 1 full shoe, I had $5000 in front of me - so up $1000. Next shoe is where the DREAM HAND happened. I went on a nice little run of a couple of pressed BJs (get your minds out of the gutter) and suddenly I was up $3500 playing two spots @ $500 each, I was dealt a 18 on the first hand and 3 3 on the second hand against a dealer 5.....so I split the 3's and get a 9 - stand. On the other 3 I get another 3...shit...split it. I get a 7 a double and get a 8. Third 3 I get....um....a freaking 3 - split and get an 8 a double and get a Q. Last 3 I get 5 K. By now I am shitting my pants. Dealer flips a 2, 2, 6, J. Breath son!!!! You won. Fist bumps everywhere, dealer is loving life because I was betting $10 on each spot for him and doubling and splitting him to mimic my bets. Also threw him another $200.
    This was by far, my most profitable single play.....ever.

    In total, I played a few more hands and cashed out for a $8000 profit. Not bad considering I was down to $800. I think that I will lay low for a while.
  2. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Platinum
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    Sweet outcome!
  3. beanie03

    beanie03 Silver

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    my mind is still in the gutter
  4. undathesea

    undathesea Silver

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  5. kentucky bob

    kentucky bob Silver

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    grazi mlife red card Seminole wild card
    Excellent run of cards
  6. Sciencekilla

    Sciencekilla Member

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    I’m confused. 2, 2, 6, J = 20. Typo?
  7. r2644446

    r2644446 Bronze

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    Dealer 5 up card turns over 2 for 7 hits 2 for 9 hits 6 for 15 the hit monkey for 25 gg
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  8. vegassi

    vegassi Bronze

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    Sweet hand indeed!!!

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