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Fear and loathing in...Cabazon ???

Discussion in 'Non Vegas Trip Reports' started by Ace Rothstein, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Ace Rothstein

    Ace Rothstein Silver

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    Morongo Casino last night, $300 stake. All over the place, was up $600 at one point, but was down to about $250 when we decided it was time to head home and let the dog out. So stopped at a row of original Wonder 4s. Selected a couple Miss Kitty and Wicked Winnings 2 for a change of pace. Had a nice WW2 respin for $120 to recoup a bit. Was gonna give it a "few" more spins. Hit a respin and also landed row 4 wilds for a nice $380 line hit ! Walked away with a $700 tito.

    As we continued our way to the door, a row of Fu Nan Fu Nu was "calling" to Rick. He pretty quickly triggered free games for $400, but I couldnt land anything. Started wildly varying my bet, but still hitting nothing. Frustrating me even more was the girl next to me only betting $.88 and had a $200 free games and several nice line hits as I whittled my ticket back down to about $250. Then I did hit free games, but it was only like $30. But I had almost completely filled up the firecracker counter. So as I again vowed a few "last spins", the baby finally rode by on the dragon advising me "Luck has arrived..." Then the firecrackers exploded for the dreaded pick bonus. Knowing it's predetermined I just randomly dragged my hand across the screeen, revealing the MAJOR for $899.03 !!! It actually was worth the wait. So cash out and closer to the valet stand we inched...

    We couldn't get onto the Rising Fortunes last time we were here, and Rick had a crazy +$1200 run on one recently somewhere else, so I figured what the hell, I'm up. $900 at this point. Sat down and started max betting at $8.80. About $100 in I triggered the bonus and chose the respin option. Won $180, but could never get a green coin, which would have made it double that. So deciding my stopping point was either $1000 or $1500, whichever comes first. So another 5 or so spins I catch a $380 line hit, putting me at like $1526 !!! Spun down to $1500 and change and headed for the ticket machine.

    Was an especially gratifying comeback as I had my $300 up to $800 here last week, but blew it all. It all happened so fast I didn't think about pics, but did take this victory lap when I got home. The champagne was already open from the previous night, as we celebrated the unpacking of the final box from our recent move to the area ...
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  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane Theoretical Video Poker Addict
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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Nice run!
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  3. Elf70

    Elf70 Palladium
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    What a great night! Congrats on a great run!
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