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First Time Staying Downtown

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by Clay / Craps, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Clay / Craps

    Clay / Craps Member

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    Hello All,

    I'll be coming into Vegas the week of 9/22 and staying downtown at the D.

    After my 5 hr flight from the east coast I will be looking for a relaxing spa in town for a massage.
    I want a place with steam room , hot tub and a relaxing area.

    Any help will be welcomed.

    Also I main game is craps, if any one can inform me of the craps tables downtown that would be great.

    Thanks, Clay
  2. bayoubengal

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    If you’re sticking to downtown then Golden Nugget is your only choice for a spa.
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  3. Wanker751

    Wanker751 Chairman
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    I believe I heard the nugget has a decent spa.. not sure if there is others downtown that would fit the description.

    Best craps game for me is main street station with 20x odds. Usually always have a $5 table.

    Walk down for breakfast to donut bar.
    Great place downtown
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