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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Vegas Chat' started by PACKER, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Sparky4

    Sparky4 Silver
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Cosmo sterling
    Where and when was your first Las Vegas stay? 1988
    Which hotel? Flamingo
    First show or concert? Folies Bergere (sp?) then David Copperfield the second night
    First wager and which game was it? $1 balloon bars slot
    What airlines did you fly there? American, my folks were travel agents and a group of them were given a trip by their AA rep, Dad didn’t want to go so I went with my stepmom.
    Downtown or Strip? Strip
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  2. IM ALL IN

    IM ALL IN Gold
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    Hacienda before it was Mandalay Bay. Didn't go as a kid. Wayne Newton. Penny Nickel machines. BJ. Wayne Newton. Great thread. Really enjoyed.
  3. 4Vegas

    4Vegas I wanna go to Vegas....

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    Where and when was your first Las Vegas stay? 1994, went for a wedding.
    Which hotel? Treasure Island, shortly after it first opened.
    First show or concert? Mystere
    First wager and which game was it? I'm sure it was a slot machine. Then hit the Craps table. Walked away the first time with about $200. That was the last time I walked away up.
    What airlines did you fly there? American. I was working in South America, and spent almost 24 hrs straight on planes and in airports to get to Vegas. It was a miserable trip to get there.
    Downtown or Strip? Strip
    First Las Vegas golf course you played. N/A
    What year did you first go to Las Vegas as a child and an adult?1950s? 60s? 70? 80? 90? 2000s? 1994, and 2009
  4. Funkhouser

    Funkhouser Regional Gambling Specialist
    Founding Fanatic

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    CET Diamond
    Where and when was your first Las Vegas stay? 1994
    Which hotel? Luxor
    First show or concert? Siegfried and Roy
    First wager and which game was it? Slots, .25 Flaming 7's
    What airlines did you fly there? United
    Downtown or Strip? Strip
    First Las Vegas golf course you played. Bali Hai, back in early 2000's
    What year did you first go to Las Vegas as a child and an adult? Never as a child, only as an adult 1994
  5. BethReads

    BethReads Member

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    About 2005 for delayed honeymoon.
    Stayed at Aladdin that was in the process of changing over to PH.
    First bet was a penny slot at Boardwalk.
    First show was Zumanity, but I really miss Second City. Fell asleep in Jubilee that trip too.
    Flew America West
    We've stayed both places, but I liked downtown better when the casinos were dumpy and the only fat saggy boobs I saw were in the mirror.

    Pasta Pirate I think I miss you most of all.
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  6. rogcat

    rogcat Member

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    May 1987
    Sundance Hotel (which became Fitzgerald’s and then The D downtown)
    $2 single deck BJ at Pioneer Club
    Topless variety show at Riviera ... was it “Splash”?
    Flew in on a non-stop charter from IND ... 3 nights room + flight was $219 total
    $4.99 steak dinner at Fremont (for a recent college grad it was good)
    Golf at the Dunes (second trip fall ‘88)
    ... best memories were the incredible single deck BJ at the Frontier, where you got a special chip for every BJ.
    Qty (11) chips got you a free room. (21) got you a room in their suite tower. Good, cheap, 24/7 coffee shop
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  7. TwoArmedBandito

    TwoArmedBandito Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Gold. Grazie.
    Plat. Mlife.
    Crazy girls??
    And i remember those chips. Gave em away. Hope they went to good use.
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  8. 44inarow

    44inarow Cool Story Bro
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Borgata Black Label
    TR Diamond (for now)
    Splash was another show at the Riv, too. I'd forgotten about that one.
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  9. Tesla

    Tesla Doubling 11 vs. 6

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    Mlife Gold
    When was your first Las Vegas stay? November, 1995
    Which hotel? The Mirage
    First show or concert? Mystere at the Treasure Island (right next door!)
    First wager and which game was it? Hm, can't remember whether I played blackjack or live poker first, so either a $10-$15 blackjack bet or posting into the 3-6 limit hold'em game.
    What airlines did you fly there? United Airlines from Chicago O'Hare.
    Downtown or Strip? Downtown
    First Las Vegas golf course you played? Actually I don't play golf but if I ever start, I want my first game in Vegas to be at Shadow Creek :)
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  10. bubbamsu

    bubbamsu Member

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    Too many to remember
    Our first time was in 1998, 21 years old and poor undergrads. My GF at the time, wife now and I thought it would be an awesome vacation before I went to grad school for another 4 years. Since we were already poor, why not! We actually booked the vacation and flight through a local travel agent on a charter. The only vacation we have ever used a travel agent was for Vegas.

    Never made it out there a kid. Living in Michigan, parents had no interest in going out West.

    Flew some shitty charter out of Detroit. They did special give aways and had the plane in a party mood. I thought every trip out was going to be a party.

    Took tour bus to the Monte Carlo, I wanted the Westward Ho to have more gambling money but lost that battle.

    Mystere might be the 1st show we paid for but it was at least two or three visits after that trip.

    Rio Secco was first golf course. Since our cabbie never made it back out to pick us up, a pastor who was playing behind us, volunteered to drive us back to the Bellagio. When he asked for money for the trip, for the congregation of course and we would not pay him, since he volunteered and was staying at the Bellagio with us, the bastard dropped us off in the middle of the intersection of Tropicanna/Strip.

    First wager was $5 Pai Gow. Great way to get drunk when you have very limited funds.
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