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Fitbit- anyone use tracking technology for steps in Vegas...or anytime?

Discussion in 'Health, Sports and Fitness' started by VegasChic, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. G21G17

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    Bumping this dead thread up! :laughing:

    I’ve used mine religiously since 2017. Hit my highest number of steps so far in a day during my trip in March ‘18. When we landed in Vegas around 8pm, I had 12k steps or so. By midnight I was at 24k. I managed 32k over the next 24 hours with 12k coming before 6am. Basically from touchdown at 8pm until I went to bed at 6am, I racked up about 24k steps or about 11 miles and then managed another 20k after waking up until midnight that day.

    One goal on my upcoming trip is to break 32k steps in a 24 hour period. I figure one walk to the pool and back at MGM might just get me there. :tearsofjoy:
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  2. bayoubengal

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    I wear an Apple Watch and it’ll warm you when you’re heart rate is elevated you haven’t been walking. Yes Apple, I know I’ve been still at this craps table for the past 30 min and I’m sweating my parlayed hardways.
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  3. BillRider

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    I've worn a Fitbit HR charge for some time. the original silicone strap disintegrated so now I have a metal type with a magnetic catch.
    I do use it in Vegas & register around 50% more than normal
    I have noticed certain faults, If I hold on the bars on the treadmill, the steps don't register, It rarely registers any stairs & If I go for a run on my motorcycle the fool device says I have done several thousand extra steps. Still wear it all the time though
  4. NickPappageorgio

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    Also, if you're animated enough hitting VP buttons, it will count them as steps at times.
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  5. 44inarow

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch and it does the same thing. Simmer down, watch, I'm in a meeting.
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  6. gmille58

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    I have had a fitbit for about a year and a half now. Before that I had the phone app that would count steps. The two are usually off by 10-20%, but that could be from many different issues. If I have a work day where I dont leave the desk much I will have between 2000 and 3000 steps total. If I go golfing then I get near 20k steps. In Vegas my step count is in that same 20k step range.

    Funny gambling related step story I read somewhere else. A guy would go to the poker room and when he was seated in the game he would call over the cocktail waitress or chip runner, give them a tip and his step counter to wear so he could sit and play poker in peace and his wife would think he was out walking to get exercise.

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