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Fremont Hotel and Casino fined $300,000.00

Discussion in 'All Things Downtown' started by blue808, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. blue808

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    This incident happened last year, Nov. 24, 2019 and we're just hearing about it now...

    I was absolutely stunned reading this.. I know casino security can be overbearing at times, but this was just over the top.. It sucks that the Fremont doesn't have to admit to misconduct, but that will probably be worked out in future court proceedings...

    ORIGINAL STORY: LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Gaming Control Board filed a four-count complaint against a downtown Las Vegas casino for allegedly keeping a woman in custody for theft, despite evidence she didn't commit a crime, the complaint said.

    According to the complaint, Boyd Gaming's Fremont Casino, located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, conducted a botched investigation into an alleged theft. The complaint stems from an incident on Nov. 24, 2019 in which a patron accused another of stealing money from slots.

    The two women involved were playing slots near each other, according to the complaint. One of the women is seen on surveillance footage at a slot playing, cashing out and then moving. When the accused woman went to the same machine as the first patron, the accuser claimed that there was money left on the machine, about $200.

    Security later found the accused woman on the casino floor, sitting at another machine. The NGCB claims that rather than calmly conducting the investigation, Fremont security grabbed the woman by the neck and arm from behind before placing her in handcuffs and taking her into custody.

    According to the complaint, the woman was in the Fremont security office professing her innocence for about 90 minutes. NGCB alleges that Fremont security berated the woman, not listening to her side of the story.
    "Although there were ample avenues available to reconstruct the alleged events, Fremont personnel failed to pursue those avenues," the complaint read. NGCB claims the investigation was "factually flawed" and incomplete.

    The complaint further alleged that the property didn't adequately investigate the security footage, which NGCB said would exonerate the accused woman, and that Fremont security provided LVMPD with false information.

    Eventually, the accused woman reluctantly paid the amount equal to the alleged theft, $202 cash, while still claiming innocence. The money was given to the patron accusing the woman of theft. Later, that patron was seen on surveillance footage cashing out a voucher from her pocket for $202. Receipts from the slot machine and surveillance show the woman lied about being stolen from, the complaint alleged.

    The Fremont Hotel and Casino was fined $300,000 for the alleged violations. As part of the settlement, the hotel did not admit to the allegations of misconduct.


  2. LeaLea

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    The falsely accused woman didn’t get any of the money??
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  3. Rocco's Collar

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    Ouch! That's going to sting the Fremont. Not saying they didn't deserve it though.
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  4. dvandentop

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    hope accused lady gets some of that fine
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  5. Rocco's Collar

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    She should or maybe she's doing her own lawsuit. I may avoid gambling a lot in the Fremont for a bit as I'm sure they are going to want to get the $$ back.
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