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Has Boyd finally decided to run off VP players?

Discussion in 'Comps - General Comp Discussion' started by Funkhouser, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Platinum
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    I only care about the tier points because they get you (or used to) to where you can earn the bConned points for cashback/freeplay and meals. It's much harder to get what one used to get for the same play.

    Emerald was nice for line skipping and looking snooty as well.
  2. MissL7777

    MissL7777 Gold
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    This is true.

    For the non-gambler, the cost of spa time, shows, fine dining and nice rooms is lower in Vegas than other cities. They’re going to spend x when attending an annual meeting regardless of location.

    I’m sure the casinos love the younger crowd who use daddy’s credit card to pay for their Vegas vacay.
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  3. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
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    It's quite annoying as I love playing VP at Boar's Head bar and even enjoyed a nice craps session at MSS early this year. I had even considered giving some play to The Cal as their renovations looks really nice in case Downtown Grand ever stopped showing me love. This change may not stop me from playing there completely but it doesn't give me any incentive.

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