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Hello from Kansas City!

Discussion in 'Come in and Introduce Yourself. We don't bite!' started by Ang4Pres, May 9, 2018.

  1. Ang4Pres

    Ang4Pres Bronze

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    Hi all!

    Wanted to say hello from Kansas City! I'm excited to make my next trip back to Vegas in a month or so! I've been there about 10 times. Have had some crazy times and crazy gambling!

    We typically like to stay downtown, but the past few trips we've split the trip between downtown and the strip. We've been lucky to get some good comps (thanks to our local play), and are hoping this next trip will be better than last time (bad weather and bad gambling!).

    We are definitely not high rollers, but we like to pretend we are sometimes. :) We also love to go to shows or concerts when we're in town and eat all the food!!!

    We both love to watch the boards and see all the great hits. Cheers to everyone!
  2. NickPappageorgio

    NickPappageorgio ¿Quién vigila a los vigilantes?
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic 2018 March Madness Winner

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    Welcome aboard!
  3. flyinjnel10

    flyinjnel10 Bronze

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    Happy Wednesday, Folks!

    I'm the other half of the "we" that A4P is referring to above. While I've been a member here for couple years, this is my very first post....for whatever reason my fingers seem to freeze up every time I go to type the witty reply that my brain just thought! But since my other half posted, now I HAVE to! ;)

    I absolutely love (obsessively) reading everyone's Vegas adventures! A huge THANK YOU to all of the valuable tips/tricks/reviews that you've all provided. They've certainly come in handy on our past trips! We've found some of our favorite Vegas spots thanks to this board!

    I play VP mostly, thanks to finding Royal Flusher a few years ago, however the tables (roulette 17 20 5 32, stud, BJ, occasionally craps) call my name several times a trip as well. So really, I suppose I just like to gamble. Many, many Aces are in the plan for our trip next month (although secretly I'm hoping for another dollar royal...but I can't say that out loud otherwise I'll scare it away...)!!
  4. tringlomane

    tringlomane Theoretical Video Poker Addict
    Founding Fanatic

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    I guess we'll let you join...

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