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Holy Cow Late Report

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by bridaman, May 17, 2016.

  1. bridaman

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    I sign up for them for the giveaways. Not a big gambler so I don't keep up
    First I will explain why I am writing this post. I have been a lurker for some time. We have started planning our trip this year and set the date, and well I am getty, so figured I would share our story and some pics of previous trips.
    First I will tell you about us and our gambling habits and explain why low rollers such as us love Vegas. I am the younger brother by 4 years. I am a father of 5 boys and am a teacher/coach so my bank roll is low anyway. He has a wife and no kids and works as an IT analyst so he makes decent money (not great but a good bit more than me). Regardless both of us are penny pinchers and find it hard to gamble away our money, but we find a way. We love Vegas for the obvious reasons, shows, food, drink, atmosphere and it is an opportunity for us respectable adults to act a fool (and we do).
    Our first trip 2012:
    I had been to Vegas one time with my faher in law (Dud). He had been twice with his wife and fell in love. He comes up with the idea for us to go together. Being a teacher I said hey spring break would be a good time and he agreed. We had all kinds of fun went saw the Grand Canyon, Red Rock. We saw The Amazing Johnathan, Penn and Teller and Jabbawockeez, (my brother is a huge fan) and Carrot Top (gave us a shot). We love the free shows and the fountains and the Parade in the sky (which unfortunately is gone). There was a puking episode in McDonald’s on strip as well. We stay cheap and love center strip so we stayed at the hotel formerly known as Imperial Palace.
    Second trip 2013 (officially named Brothers Do Vegas):
    We learned that we did not like spring time, it rained and was chilly, no pools. We like it hot and hanging pool side so this year we went over Memorial Day weekend (I took some unpaid leave because my school was but holes about make up snow days). This time we stayed on strip no visits to scenery outside of strip. We stayed at Flamingo (again cheap). We saw Jabbawockeez, Chris Angel and Absinthe again great shows.
    Third trip 2014:
    We had some drama this year, as I moved away, so we were not living close to each other (moved 4 hours away). We agreed we would continue our annual trip to Vegas even if we are far away so planning starts. This trip we learn new games (we only played black jack and slots) we learned craps and roulette. We see Michael Jackson One (amazing), Carrot Top and Jabbawockeez. We sealed our fate at the end of the trip when we made the pact that no matter what we will do this yearly. We decided since that our shows were on the south end of the strip that is where we would stay at the Luxor. It was a nice place and we enjoyed it, but man we missed center strip fun.
    Trip 2015 (no Trip):
    We start planning for the 2015 trip nothing certain just early discussion in fall as usual. Then right as we are about to get serious my brother has a serious family issue. This causes great stress, anxiety and so much more. Needless to say the trip does not happen. Our fears are rearing their ugly heads eventually things would come up. Our Vegas future is not looking good at this point.
    Trip 2016 (rough road ahead):
    Well here we are for this years trip. Again we had some mentions in fall, nothing firm set just the idea that we HAVE to get this thing rolling again. Well this winter I get horrible news and it seems that our trip again might be in Jeopardy. Then when things seemed at the lowest my wife comes and says go to Vegas, you deserve it, you need it, have fun. Well I did not need to be told twice so here we are officially planning our 4th Brothers Do Vegas trip. The date is officially 3 weeks away (Tuesday June 7). We leave from Baltimore (BWI) at 5:15 am getting into Vegas at 9:45 am. We will be staying center strip at the Flamingo, we have stayed there before and as many say who spends time in the room anyway but we like it. It is getting exciting cant wait to be back, last time I was there the High Roller had just opened up and this time I will get to check out the Park and other new things. LETS GO!!!!!
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    Have a great trip next month, safe travels and lots of fun!
  3. Hoofy7

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    Hope you have a fantastic time and once again you are able to make it a yearly trip with your brother!

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  4. Texas Steph

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    Hope you have a super stress-free trip, looking forward to your Trip Report!
  5. VegasChic

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    So happy to hear you were able to make this trip a go! Sounds like you have a great wife! Hope you have a fantastic time- good luck, looking forward to following along!

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