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How is AC these days?

Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by Byron, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Byron

    Byron Bronze

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    I haven't been to AC in 8 years since i was in grad school in manhattan and would go on weekends, but since then i moved farther away and moved my play to other casinos. Now out of the blue I have a nice offer for hotel, stay $100 dinner credit, and $100 free slot play from the Hard Rock and also some free play from Resorts. Suddenly years later they must have said hmm he played $1 slots as a student 10 years ago, I bet hes playin some slots and even higher now lol which is true most trips. I think i would like to visit next weekend maybe, just curious if anyone has stayed at Hard Rock Casino specifically and also in just how AC is these days- slots paying? comps good? busy or slow? safe area still around casinos? beach nice?
  2. Wallew3

    Wallew3 Bronze

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    ECF7F83D-CCFC-4D2A-B7AB-C73CD45D4509.jpeg CFCF6B6A-AA19-4BFC-80F2-FB3C1CB214F0.jpeg 205E5C39-3716-437C-9BBA-96A57DDD492C.jpeg 0DF1B7C0-3E56-42D1-A54D-C0778D9FF936.jpeg 7FBBFE37-A709-40AE-A319-2F5ABA53535E.jpeg 1A638A67-74D9-4089-9555-74D301732595.jpeg I’m on the other site much more often and have quite a few reports from the Hard Rock. It has become the wife and my main place in AC. We also live about 45 minutes away so AC is our local.

    Hard Rock is very nice. All rooms are totally remodeled. Pretty much everything is new. Hard Rock is pretty busy all of the time. Comps are decent get offered lots of free concert tickets also plenty of good giveaways.

    We love the lobby bar and Hard Rock Cafe have live music all weekend. Lobby bar has live music everyday.

    Good amount of tables to play. Friday Saturday limits start at $25 at night $10-15during the day. Very good variety of slots but lacking in older titles. The mix of slots has been improving since they opened a year ago.

    -Buffet is pretty good but not outstanding.
    -The legends lounge is very good. Food is good in the lounge also. The lounge also has a nice brunch Saturday and Sunday.
    -council Oak fish is excellent but pricing is outrageous
    -have had food at the Japanese place once but was pretty drunk. Wife really liked it
    -the food court options are pretty good

    Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any specific questions.

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  3. Byron

    Byron Bronze

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    Thanks so much. It really looks nice and I miss ac
    I think a trip report will be coming up from me too soon!
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  4. dahammer

    dahammer Bronze

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    The past 10 years have been rather tumultuous down in AC, the market has just about halved from its peak due to increased competition from surrounding states. There were several closures: Atlantic Club, Trump Plaza, Taj Mahal, Showboat. Revel was built for $2.4 Billion, Morgan Stanley invested $1.2 Billion and wrote down almost the entire amount even before the doors opened. Ultimately, Revel went bankrupt, closed within two years and was auctioned for $82 million.

    The good news is that private money has been pouring into the city in the form of $500 million spent on changing the old Taj Mahal to Hard Rock. Also, the purchase of Revel and conversion to Ocean Casino, both new properties opened almost a year ago. Legalized sports betting in NJ has taken in almost $3 Billion in wagers in its first year and the overall revenue for all properties has increased 24% in the past year.

    We like the beach and have been on it a couple times so far, the water is a little chilly in the mid to low 60’s. As for being busy/slow, you will see things pick up on weekends, midweek will be much quieter. As for comps, I’m a low roller, so they come slowly to me.

    If you get to Resorts, one of my faves is Gallagher’s Steak House, they feature dry aged beef in an old school atmosphere with great service. The Buffet at Hard Rock is small-ish but has very good prime rib.

    I’m a huge fan of AC and I would say that a great majority of folks who come down and visit end up leaving with a positive impression and would return. Most of the negative stuff out there is from thumb suckers who read stuff online and have never visited themselves.
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  5. joshj

    joshj Silver

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    I have been going to AC at least once annually since 2015. The Hard Rock has definitely pushed some changes along in a good way along with Ocean, but Tropicana has been steadily renovating and even the Caesars-owned properties has some new-look rooms in their portfolio (although good luck getting them at times). Ocean and Hard Rock are beautiful additions, but places like Bellagio have retained their charm and allure.

    I love the boardwalk and although it's a bit of a hike between sections of casinos the way things are clustered now, it's still great to know if you want to get a change of scenery you can go for a short-ish walk and be at an entirely other casino.

    I stayed in the Hard Rock in December - gorgeous room, had a fantastic view, and it was really, really comfortable. Probably the best sleep I've had in AC.

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