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Important news: Masks will be MANDATORY in Las Vegas.

Discussion in 'Vegas News' started by doughtaker, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. claired67

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    @Mr2BOBCATS I think that’s what they thought they were doing.

    A bar in Lansing is linked to 170 cases and that’s when Michigan bars in some regions had to shut down.

    Hope the travel ban is lifted soon but it’s kind of weird over here sometimes.
  2. GlenCoco

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    100% in this camp. Closed bar tops would potentially be the make/break point for me if I had another near-term trip planned.

    And agreed on the mask-wearing indoors. We got so used to it last week that there were several occasions we made it back to the room and forgot to take off the masks for a while because we were so used to them.
  3. momnkid

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    Aria is on the list of businesses cited for masks and social distancing along with Silverton.
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  4. Captain Bill

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    On my recent Vegas trip, masks were universal at all Stations and Caesars casinos. I saw very few folks with "lowered" masks, except when smoking or drinking. Smoking is not a big deal with the very effective HVAC systems combined with social distancing (which pretty much every buddy was doing). Those drinking tended to kept the masks lowered and no one seemed to be reminding them.
    The bars were closed, but lots of drink gals wandering around.
    Sure wouldn't keep me from going back.
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