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Input Wanted - The Ultimate Loyalty Program Design

Discussion in 'Comps - General Comp Discussion' started by Rio_ChiefGamingOfficer, Jun 5, 2022.

  1. Volfan

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    One of my favorite aspects of Cosmo's Identity program is the flexibility to use earned comps where I want to. For example, I like to use my comps on liquor at the gift shop. It's a joke at my house that the more liquor I bring home for my husband (I usually travel solo), the less he should ask about my wins/losses. MGM doesn't allow comps to be used for liquor in gift shops, and in Vegas, they don't usually allow comps to be used in gift shops at all. This drives me bonkers.

    In general, I would prefer a program that tells me how much I have in comps and allows me to spend it on what I want: free play, yes! Gift shop liquor, yes! Show tickets, usually no. Buffet, definitely no.

    I live on the East Coast, and it would make more sense for me to go to Atlantic City. But for six years now, I've been going to Vegas just to stay and gamble at Cosmo because I feel valued there, and the property is stunning. Those Japanese soaking tubs have changed my life. And, I appreciate the fact that, even when I get drunk and act like a doofus, the staff the next day treat me with kindness and respect.
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  2. sisubaby

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    A great benefit would be getting an extra night comp for being a contributing VF member... :)
  3. Chambolle

    Chambolle Bronze

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    Cosmo has really amazing offers and perks at Platinum level.. Great offers for FP, Rooms, FB and shows go to their top players they want to keep coming back. I have gotten 4 tickets for a concert before with no issues. I love the kiosk promotions for FP some months and enticing to keep coming back. The staff is super nice and attentive.

    I wish the HL Slot room had a private area for snacks, light bites and beverages I could grab without having to order or seek out. HL room is always great fun and people watching.

    The Keno identity points are weak no matter what bet or denomination. I love the Keno machines and payouts at Cosmo but they don’t accrued like slot play and is at times not helpful for my play and comps.

    I wish there were private elevators for some floors and VIP members. That would be amazing perk. Only Platinum players can use certain elevators for privacy at towers.

    Spending comps at restaurants or retail is nice flexibility and easy. Can be used anywhere with no problems.

    What is most important is FP and FB offers. That is biggest enticer for me and also getting back end comps when play is warranted. I usually have to ask my host to review play which should be done without me asking, that I don’t like at all.

    Anyway, keep up the nice perks and I be coming back soon.
  4. Rio_ChiefGamingOfficer

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    Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year.

    In regards to my previous post on building out a great loyalty program... "Keep It Simple, Keep It Lucrative" seemed to be the recurring theme.

    From a pure points perspective on slots, how does $1.50 of coin in per point sound AND it takes 100 points to get $1.00 in Point Play/Comp Dollars?
    There would be no point multipliers for the tiers, you're getting the best of it from day 1 - regardless of what tier you are in (there of course would be other tier benefits).

  5. JulianC

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    Sounds like the generous earning rate from TI (and they love to tout this) combined with the single-bucket spending options from Cosmo. From a typical theo perspective, that's about 5-7% player reinvestment value -- higher at the base tier than any place on the Strip that has a single-bucket loyalty program.
  6. Chuck

    Chuck Palladium
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    It easily beats everybody from Wynn south, except:
    • TI
    • the top couple of tiers at V/P
    • MGM Noir (Platinum comes close at $1.60 coin-in per penny of rewards at a 12.5% hold)
    • and of course Cosmo at $1.25 for Sterling & Gold and $0.825 for Platinum
    As a higher denom player, I like a coin-in based system vs a theo-based one.

    The relative simplicity of coin-in based is appealing too.

    On the "con" side, we won't be able to figure out what your holds are. :)
  7. tringlomane

    tringlomane Theoretical Video Poker Addict
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    I guess we'll let you join...

    That's the only thing I really like about the "theo" based systems.

    As for Kevin's proposal, I think it's good for slots. I would prefer it to be no more than $5 a point for VP as well. Well, $6 at Cosmo was fine too I guess, better than $10. Lol But more importantly, don't give so many points at VP that you feel the need to lower the paytables a notch to justify the comp cost.
  8. AcesandRoyals

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    What he said ^

    Nice to hear from you, Kevin and Happy New Year! Hope "this" loyalty program comes to fruition in 2023

  9. Grid!

    Grid! Platinum

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    Glad to see you are still checking in on this thread!

    I am not a fan of the above, as there is no carrot for me to chase. You would be rewarding too much to those that spend too little IMO. Which is fine, if you were creating a club for the Plaza downtown or something. But if you want to attract bigger players, that rack up more points in the club than most. Accelerated earning is very important IMO.

    I like a system that allows for me to earn more points on the same coin, as I move up to a higher club level (like MGM or Cosmo). This keeps me loyal to the club/casino each year, as the more I play, the faster I move up, which then earns me more point play/comp dollars. You gotta think like a slot player! These points aren't just a perk for playing. They are a rebate on our losses.

    I am also not a fan of fractions for coin in. I'd rather have a program give a point at $2.00 than $1.50. As its super easy to decipher how much play I did on any given machine, day or trip. If I have 5,000 points at the end of the day, I know I had $10,000 of coin in. Its as easy as doubling what I earned.

    To add, I also like it when you can redeem any points at any given rate. If I have enough point play to convert $47.68 at the end of the day, I want to be able to dump all that on my machine. I hate when clubs round up to the nearest $10. Where in my example, I could only convert $40.00 and the $7.68 is just sitting on my card.

    For personal accounting purposes, I like to use up all my free play at the end of each stay. And for my next trip, I know I am starting at 0, so I can once more work the math out on what I am doing that next trip.

    I know you said with your flat earn rate, that there are other perks. But with accelerated earning, that perk keeps me in the casino longer, and has me playing more to maximize it. I would think that would be a high priority for any casino.

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