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Interesting marketing offer trends for myself

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by commie, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. commie

    commie Member

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    Identify - Sterling
    New member to the forum, not sure where to post this, guess I'll start with The Cosmo forum.
    I am trying to understand some logic in the Cosmo's marketing offers.

    I started my first stay at The Cosmo in 2016, 4 nights in a paid wrap around terrace suite, and generated about 7000ish Identify points I am mostly a table player, Blackjack, UTH and Craps. I'll drop some coin into the slots, and also ate at the restaurants extensively. It was a great stay and enjoyed everything that Cosmo had to offer.

    In 2017, I started getting emails from them offering up 4 free nights in one of those one bedroom terrace suite.
    I took them up on the offers in May and October, and both trips I put in about 4000ish identify point each time.
    Like clock work, after 2 weeks after the stay, i will receive another email offer for the 4 nights comp'd.

    I took them on the offer one last time in 2017 during the Thanksgiving holidays for 4 nights. This time my wife was there with me, and we spend more time playing the slots compared the previous 3 trips. Earned about 9000 identify points on this trip. My table play was also longer, but I didn't actually kept playing times or coin in or wagers, but my usual bets are 50-300 range.

    Again 2 weeks after this last trip, I got the marketing offer from The Cosmo, but this time the offer was only for 2 comp'd nights instead of the 4 that I had in 2017.
    Not that I am complaining, 2 free is still free nights. But just curious as to the reason for the drop in the marketing offer? Especially I put in more points in my last trip, compared to the earlier trips in May or Oct.
    Is it because I used the offer too many times in 2017?
    Not enough points earned to sustain their generous offers?

    This year, I don't plan on visiting Vegas that many times. If at all, maybe just 1 trip during the Black friday shopping weekend. So I am not too concern about not getting the offers, but again just curious on their logic.
  2. Texas Steph

    Texas Steph I think I'm addicted to Vegas...
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    I don't think anyone really knows... my theory would be that you've shown them that you enjoy staying and playing there, and will probably continue to do so, so they figure they don't have to offer as much now to get you to come back. Like you said, you will stay again regardless, and they are betting that is true (no pun intended)!
  3. JGurnak

    JGurnak Bronze

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    I can’t figure Cosmo out. I’m identity gold and I’ve stayed there about 3 times in the last year (2-3 nights). Each trip I earn about 8-9k points on slots. My offers haven’t gotten any better. Typically 3-4 comp nights (fountain view 1 bedroom or studio - although I never stay more than 2-3 nights) and sometimes $25 in identity play. Never any food/beverage. Sometimes no freeplay. I hear other talk about getting offers for hundreds in identity play but mine is never more than $25.

    My Grazie offers are much better for the same type of play. Typically $300 in FP and $50-$100 in food/beverage. I’m gold there, too. I love Cosmo but it’s hard to justify staying there when other casinos lure with me much more freeplay and food/beverage credit. Grazie also easily comps me on the backend. My Cosmo host always says my play only covers the room comp but nothing more. I always thought the rooms were a front end comp but they obviously count that first before seeing if you’re eligible for any backend comps.
    #3 JGurnak, May 21, 2018
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    This is an old thread, but for the OP, the only explanation is that his play level dropped.

    He was getting a 2x multiplier on slots, so 9,000 Identity Points over 4 nights is only $2,800 coin-in per night. I think that's short of what it would take to get 4 night offers.

    Table play should get factored in, but there could be a lag time.

    It's possible he wasn't rated accurately, or that his offers improved in later cycles when table play was factored in.
    #4 Chuck, May 22, 2018
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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