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Is Wynn still Status matching?

Discussion in 'Red Card - Wynn/Encore' started by Grid!, Feb 8, 2023.

  1. Grid!

    Grid! Platinum

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    I know the Red Card room is as dead as they come. Only one thread in all of last year. But does anyone know if they are still Status Matching other clubs?

    I'm going to be staying at Resorts World my next go round. So I'd finally have a reason to kick some tires on Wynn. I haven't given them any play in well over a decade.

    I know they matched around the time RW opened. But I haven't heard anything since early last year.
  2. chico7800

    chico7800 Platinum

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    Idk for sure. I did hear they cancelled a ton of the status matches they made. Sounds like people that status matched but didn’t play had it reversed.

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  3. kinetics14

    kinetics14 Member

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    I was at Wynn in July 2022 and the person who status matched me told me that it would end in August 2022. It doesn't hurt to go and ask, although its unlikely. I believe Resorts world might still be status matching.

    *edit. Now that I think about it, it could have been in 2021 and ended August 2021. Hope someone else can chime in with current information.
  4. WickedWins

    WickedWins Silver

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    Seriously doubt it after the prior match fiasco.
    Plus, now that RW isn't really stealing any players.. it's less of a threat.
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