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March 2021, All Aboard!

Discussion in 'Member Roll Call - Let us know you're coming!' started by kwool, Dec 24, 2020.

  1. kwool

    kwool Silver

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    Rebooked my previously scheduled Thanksgiving trip to March 14-19. Planning on taking advantage of my Cosmo offer with 5! comp nights in a fountain view terrace studio.

    By that time, I believe I will have been vaccinated based on my state's current schedule for essential workers. That gives me the extra boost of confidence I need to fly and make the trip.

    Delta's change policy was very helpful, though I had to call in to chat with a very helpful rep because of website issues with my ecredit from the cancellation. They're still blocking middle seats through March 30, so I'll enjoy the extra room—especially on the regional jet (ugh) out of my local airport.
  2. ShaneO

    ShaneO Bronze

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    I am booked 3/24 to 3/28 staying at aria
  3. J.Renee

    J.Renee Silver

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    Platinum MLife
    3/17-3/22 @ Delano
  4. Cross

    Cross Bronze
    Founding Fanatic

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    3/7 - 3/11 at Paris
  5. Elf70

    Elf70 Palladium
    Founding Fanatic

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    3/4 - 3/10 Cosmo and Wynn
  6. amk215

    amk215 Member

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    CET: Diamond
    First time posting here, long time lurker...

    I'm booked 3/17-3/22 for the opening week of March Madness hopefully. It was all cancelled last year so hoping we make it this time around. Staying at MGM Grand
  7. LB9

    LB9 Silver

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    March 18 - 21 at Bally's currently, probably switching to PH.
  8. BeeeJay

    BeeeJay President, Red Lobster Hostess Satisfaction
    Founding Fanatic

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    Grazie Platinum
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    Mlife Platinum
    United Premier 1K
    15 night trip late March, early April. At Wynn w/Borat for a golf tournament first 3 nights, then solo the last 12. Planning long walks, heavy pool drinking, excessive eating, degenerate gambling, and romantic sunsets!!! Def up for any meets, dinners, brunches, golf, etc!!!

    March 25-27 Wynn
    March 28-April 1 Cosmo
    April 2-5 Venetian
    April 6-9 Aria
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  9. greekjim

    greekjim Bronze

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    March 11 for one night, as I make my way to Phoenix for a wedding that weekend
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  10. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Bronze

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    Going with several buddies and also celebrating my uncles 67th birthday. I’ll be solo at Caesars the day before my group of buddies get there. Booked the hospitality suite at mirage - I’ve never stayed in that suite, or at the mirage actually - if anybody else has stayed in that suite let me know if it’s worth it....

    March 3 - Caesars
    March 4-7 - Mirage
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  11. Sinnerman

    Sinnerman Silver

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    I just confirmed my trip for March 20th to April 4th. Will be staying at CET properties, probably Bally's, Caesars or PH. Might spend a few days at Cosmo since I have a 3 comp night offer there.

    Awesome, I am definitely game for a meet up as well. Maybe a slot pull. Oh boy, I might get an honorary mention in a BeeJay trip report, now I am excited and a little intimidated.
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  12. callattendant

    callattendant Silver

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    M Life Platinum
    March 18-23 at my "home" The Mirage assuming they are open during the week by then. If not, my host will put me at another MGM property. March Madness was moved to Friday-Monday vs. the long time Thursday-Sunday which kind of stinks, but I will be happy just to have a March Madness. I may attempt my first ever live trip report, but this is a "guys" trip so we seriously have zero adult supervision.
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  13. Sparky4

    Sparky4 Silver
    VIP Pledge Member

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    MGM gold
    Cosmo sterling
    Mid December a friend of mine from high school called......
    Friend - what are you doing March 5-7
    Me - nothing, why?
    Friend - my daughter has a gender reveal to go to in Vegas and she wants me to go
    Me - that’s 10 days after the hubs and I go for his bday and our anniversary
    Friend - AND?
    Me - let me think about it
    Friend - I’ll only go if you go
    Me - let me think about it

    Two weeks she asked again, I came home from work and mentioned it to hubs and he laughed and said, “you’re going with them aren’t you?” I took that as his blessing and said sure, and booked it. Flying out Friday morning, home Sunday afternoon. Shortest Vegas trip I’ve had in 7 years. I had host get me a room at Bally’s and she was able to get my friend and her daughter a comped room at Bally’s too. The day after I booked, one of the girls in my office said she wants to go, I said come on, you can share my room but you can’t take Friday off like I am because you have to be in the office so she found a Friday night flight and will fly home with me Sunday.
  14. Nickcalvert1949

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    Winstar, mlife, el cortez
    I'm going crazy quarantining in Texas. Got my 2nd vaccine shot so i thought Vegas. Making a solo trip and staying at Mandalay Bay for 3 days and 2 days at Paris.
    March 7 - 12.
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    TIMSPEED Technically technical
    Founding Fanatic

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    This ain’t no damn ho’ house.
    Driving down March 17th and leaving the 20th.
    Cosmo terrace one-bedroom
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  16. Nsenfant

    Nsenfant Bronze

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    Boyd casinos- sapphire
    Station casinos- platinum
    March 5-9 at Venetian. Counting down the hours!!
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  17. DRPinVa

    DRPinVa As always, inspired by MrsDRPinVa
    Founding Fanatic

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    I think we might actually make it this time!!

    March 27-29 Wynn
    March 29-30 Mirage

    Hopefully getting tix to see Absinthe, which is hopefully opening early March
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