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MGM $750,000 Slot Tournament Aug 23-26

Discussion in 'Casino Tournaments' started by Bosshog, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Bosshog

    Bosshog Bronze

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    Hey Guys,

    Just got an email about this slot tournament happening at the end of this month at all the MGM resorts. 30 players per resort, $500 buy in. Guranteed $250 back in Freeplay, Top place pays $100,000 cash.

    Here are the rules..


    What do you guys think? I'm currently booked at Cosmo for there free cruise giveaway so I would have to double book and pay resort fees most likely at Aria. Is this a decent slot tournament for the $500? I have only played one other and it was a free entry.
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  2. smithipedia

    smithipedia Bronze

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    M Life - Platinum
    I am in this tourney; ill be doing mine from MB. I think it is worth the shot for $250 (max cost after lowest win). You lose your corporate FP normally so depends on what you would be giving up. For me, it was only $250 so im risking it.
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  3. IM ALL IN

    IM ALL IN Gold
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    (Prize structure is based on 690 total participants (23 individual tournaments total))....There's usually Tournament A, Tournament B at each hotel so it's not just 30 people per casino. I'm down at MB. I love the $500 buy ins. (not just at MB but B as well)...When you see the $100,000 CASH WINNER falter up to the stage at the finale...you silently congratulate him or her and wish it was you. The finale is Mirage IF you qualify. I think I've only done one $500 buy in where it encompasses several of the Mlife casinos with a FINALE at a Hosting Casino..and lucky enough I qualified. But,,didn't get in the money. I usually go for the single hotel $500 buy ins (Bellagio the best host in my opinion,,just like a great feed on during the tournaments, good music),,but I'm a MB long time slotter so I gave them my love for Aug 23.
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