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MGM Springfield "enhancements"

Discussion in 'Other Gambling Destinations' started by Tesla, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Tesla

    Tesla Doubling 11 vs. 6

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    I got an e-mail from MGM Springfield today with the following brag list of enhancements they have made. They claim to have (and I quote from the e-mail):

    1. Hired more cocktail waitresses to serve you better while you are gaming.
    2. Improved traffic flow through the garage during peak hours of operation – so you can get in and out faster.
    3. Doubling the number of video poker machines on the casino floor.
    4. Added Top Dollar Slot machines into High Limit, per your request.
    5. Added more $10 Blackjack and Roulette tables to the gaming floor so everyone can get in on the action.
    6. Added Let it Ride Poker plus more War games to the gaming floor, because you asked for them.
    7. Reduced scooter rental pricing to better accommodate our guests.
    8. Lowered short-term valet prices for a more convenient experience.
    9. Expanded the hours of operation of our casual dining venues to better serve you.
    10. More logo-inventory and cigars are now available at Essentials

    My thoughts:
    1. Sounds good to me!
    2. Sounds good to me!
    3. Sounds good to me! I don't play much VP but it was silly they opened with so few VP machines.
    4. Sounds good to me! I don't play slots but if you like playing Top Dollar for top dollar, now you can.
    5. Sounds OK to me. Don't expect good rules at those BJ tables but playing them is better than #6
    6. Sounds OK to me. Let it Ride (out of your wallet) and War are for degens, but hey, if people wanna play 'em, let 'em play.
    7. Sounds good to me! Should never have been gouging people who need to rent a scooter in the first place IMO.
    8. Sounds good to me!
    9. Sounds good to me! Still need better breakfast options tho.
    10. Sounds good to me! I could use a better selection of MGM logo schwag for souvenirs for friends. Since the casino is 100% non-smoking they can sell all the cigars they want - everyone will take them outside where I won't be bothered by the secondhand smoke.

    Link to the MGM site: https://www.mgmspringfield.com/en/casino/news-enhancement.html
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  2. allmine1958

    allmine1958 Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    I was very happy to see the new video poker machines, Saturday but could not see the pay tables since they were not active yet. But one thing I did notice is that on their multi-hand video poker, they were only paying 750 credits for 5 coin Royal. I almost choaked when I realized and cashed out quick. This was in both High limit and regular floor. Ultimate X machines are regular pay.
  3. joshj

    joshj Silver

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    I went to Springfield for the first time in November and saw them putting in the video poker. As far as I can tell though, they're all just basic one-hand machines with no extra credit plays like UX or STP, and definitely Vegas-level pay-tables - 7/5 JoB, for instance, which when you can get better at both the CT casinos, isn't exactly thrilling if that's what you're looking for. But if you're aiming to play a bit of VP on top of slots and whatnot, at least there's more of them now.

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