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Microroller Comp Experience

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by kazjia, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. kazjia

    kazjia Member

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    Identity Sterling
    Hey Guys,

    I thought I would share the offer I received for my last two stays [2nd-3rd overall, first trip was all business no gambol!) at the Cosmo resort (love the food/rooms here). I hope it gives any lurkers (I was one for a while) an idea of the play required to get some of those comps!

    Trip#1 3days/2nights
    July 2
    250 VP Points [deuces wild]
    July 3
    110 VP Points [deuces wild]
    July 4
    541 VP Points [deuces wild]

    Total VP Points - 901 --> $5406 wagered

    Most I was down was $200
    I ended up ahead ~$70

    As expected, no special offers came in the months that followed

    Trip#2 3days/2nights
    Sep 7
    178 VP Points [deuces wild]
    274 Slot Points [walkin dead/buffalo gold]
    Sep 8
    ~1 hr at $20 BJ
    Sep 9
    984 Slot Points [willy wonka]
    510 VP Points [deuces wild]

    Total VP Points 688 --> $4128 wagered
    Total Slot Points 1258 --> $3145 wagered
    BJ @ 60 hands/hr ~ $1200 wagered

    Most I was down was $700 [first damn night lol, the machines were cruel]
    Ended up down ~$15 [Willy wonka the life saver]

    Put in a bit more slot this trip to see what the fuss is about.

    Anyways 1 week later I got a special offer:
    • $50 Bonus Identity Play when you earn 2500 slot points within 48 hours of offer redemption
    • $25 Identity Play
    Seems pretty low if I have my calcs correct on just slots:
    3145 * .03 (10% hold/30% comp return) ~ 90 bucks - 25 (IP earned from slot points) ~ $65

    Anyways, still love the casino and not chasing comps, but I'm sure they are using that 2500 point benchmark to tell me to gambol a bit more for better offers :)

    Thanks for reading through!
  2. 44inarow

    44inarow Cool Story Bro
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Mlife Platinum
    Borgata Black Label
    TR Diamond (for now)
    To be honest, if you're betting at that level (and there's nothing wrong with that!), you're going to get better "comps" from befriending bartenders/servers/dealers/pits and deploying a few well-placed tips. It won't be in the form of offers, but things like more flexibility on comped drinks, better and faster service, etc. And generally speaking, I'd take that over a few extra bucks off my bill at the end.
  3. fraygul

    fraygul Bingo Nerd

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    Identity Platinum,
    Good job winning on Willy Wonka! I can't ever get any version of it to give me any money :D
    Welcome! Glad you came out of lurking!
  4. CherriesJubilee

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    Identity: Platinum
    Mlife: Platinum
    Cosmo offers are based on trips over a certain period of time--we don't know if it's last 6 months, last 2 years, etc. So the recent offer isn't being calculated just on your September trip and instead is also factoring in July.
  5. kazjia

    kazjia Member

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    Identity Sterling
    2018-09-08 23.59.42.jpg [​IMG]

    Best VP hand I got that weekend
    Thanks for the welcome
    Willy Wonka gave me tons of bonuses, felt lucky as hell.
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  6. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Your theo on the VP play was ~$83
    Your theo on the slot play was ~$315
    Your theo on the BJ play was, I dunno let's assume it was 6:5 and give you 1.5% - around $18

    So a total of $416 over 2 nights, $208/night, 30% of that is $62/night in comp value, not in room comp territory.

    I guess I'm a little surprised you didn't get a teaser offer after the first trip for a couple of free nights. Maybe things are flush right now.

    But if you don't reach the play threshold for room comp offers, I'm not sure you can expect your offers to consist of a straight 33% (or whatever) of the theo from your most recent trip.
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  7. kazjia

    kazjia Member

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    Identity Sterling
    Thanks for running the numbers. I didn't have high expectation of a room offer after doing the calculations myself. But was just curious what kind of offer my type of play would generate :) I do think the first $50 in the offer is the carrot to potentially better offers, but depending on BR might be hard to get if the slots aren't playing nice. Example of the Friday runbad was $300 burned on VP on $1068 total wagered at 2 cent hundred play DW (72% payback...ouch).

    Just thought this type of info would be useful for all, as I have not seen any microroll offers/reports.
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  8. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
    Founding Fanatic

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    Cosmopolitan - Gold
    Downtown Grand - Silver
    Absolutely great advice. Becoming a "regular" a particular bars will certainly get you consistently good service and like you mention maybe you get a little extra in your pour, a slightly better liquor in your drink, etc.... No matter how low or high you roll, it's one of the easiest ways to enhance your experience.
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