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Mirage Room Types

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by j0esilly21, Dec 9, 2023.

  1. j0esilly21

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    Which is a better room at Mirage and why?

    - Mirage Suite
    - Tower Suite, 1 bedroom
    - Penthouse Suite, 1 bedroom
    - 2 bedroom Hospitality Suite
    - Tower Suite, 2 bedroom
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  2. JAustin

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    Stayed in all and for me I prefer the Mirage Suite. Others while looking nice are quite dated imo on furniture. Perhaps Hard Rock has revamped rooms but if not there older. I would also comment the couch in the Penthouse suites are the most uncomfortable couch I think I have sat on in my life.

    There two bedrooms are not really two bedrooms. There a normal Mirage room where the door separating the two rooms is opened. If you were to say get a single bedroom Penthouse the Penthouse would have its normal incorporated room but in the living room the door that is usually shut will be open giving you a "second" room.

    The other thing that greatly bothered me in the couple times I have stayed in the Penthouse suites or Tower suite is the wrap around outside banner for the show they have there distorts the view. It has ten billion tiny holes so you can see through it but I wished it had not been there.
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