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Morongo hit and run

Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by Ace Rothstein, Jul 21, 2018.

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    Had to make an emergency drive out to Palm Springs from Los Angeles yesterday. Semi false alarm. Everything's fine now, almost. On the way back remembered I had $60 in weekly FP per my monthly Morongo mailer so made a pit stop since I would be literally driving in front of it. Walked in the door with $175. Saw the Enforcer machines mentioned in another thread, but couldn't get the card reader to work in either machine so moved on. Blew all the FP on Dragon Rising ( basically Quick Hits with a dragon theme ). Moved onto a row of 5 reel Fu Dao Le. Pumped in about half of my $175 of my bankroll for this unexpected stop. Varying bets from $2.08 to the $5.58 range. Hit bonus games pretty quickly, a $50 win in total. Was up to about $120 at one point. Whittled that down to about $40 and walked away. Put in the $40 ticket at a row of 3 reel Fu Dao Le, which evaporated pretty quickly. Couldn't find what I was looking for ( Fortune Progressives that I won $800 on last time). Settled for a Wonder 4. Put in the last of my cash. Nothing at all. Whittled that down to about $40. Decided to try the row of WD2 on the way out to the parking garage elevators. All packed as usual. One guy just sat there at the machine for a solid 10 minutes with $.72 cents in the machine, not enough to make a minimum bet. With several people obviously waiting to play that drives me crazy. If there's open machines, fine. But if there's people waiting to play and you're not, get out of the damn way. He finally gets up but doesn't cash out. I politely remind him to not forgot his credits, and with a ton of attitude he tells me "He'll be back" like he's the friggin Terminator. I needed to get going so decided to play out the last $40 on a different row of 5 reel Fu Dao Le. Couple of decent line hits me up to about $120 again, but chip away at that. Getting close back down to the $40 I put in. But I noticed something kinda unusual. When ever I got that large wild symbol that fills up the firecrackers for the pick bonus, the firecrackers aren't lighting up. On about the 4th time that happened, it did trigger the pick bonus. Knowing that it's pre-determined, I just swipe the screen expecting the mini they always pay. But instead hit the Minor for $212. So went for broke and took a couple of backup spins at max/$8.88. Waste of money so cash out at about $220, which would have put me up about $45. But notice one of the WD2 is now open. In fact right next to my new friend. So took that seat, and popped in the $220 ticket. Whittled that down to $175.11. So really needed to get going by that point and left with my $.11 in net winnings. Quick stop at In And Out and got back home at about 11:30pm. Need to drive back out to PS on Wed to meet with the technician, so will probably see if I can get lightning to strike 2x.

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