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Name your favorites at Paris!

Discussion in 'Our Favorite Things' started by VegasMonkey, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. VegasMonkey

    VegasMonkey the pleepleus
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    Help out our other members and share your favorite things about this property. Please like other posts and post only new comments please.
  2. ellabellita

    ellabellita Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Really great drink service in my experience, and 100 hand 1 cent video poker!

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  3. Rick1323

    Rick1323 Gold
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    Paris was always my favorite of all the Diamond lounges.
    Mon Ami Gabi is my favorite strip breakfast spot. Coffee shop prices plus a great atmosphere, especially dining outside on a nice day.
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  4. Big Mac

    Big Mac Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Mon Ami Gabi is my favorite breakfast spot as well.

    I like the layout of the casino but never had any luck there.
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  5. sparkydog

    sparkydog Palladium
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    Beef Wellington at Gordon Ramsay Steak
  6. mt2141

    mt2141 Bronze

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    Le Central bar - had some good times there.

    However, the casino has whooped my ass beyond belief.
  7. clemi

    clemi Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    Matorano's, the pre fixe menu contains some great items and is a good bargain.
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  8. newmans

    newmans Mayflower Fury
    Founding Fanatic

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    I agree with a lot of the comments. I love Mon Ami for breakfast.....on the patio people watching or when
    I'm on my own at the bar. Robert the bartender there is one of my favourites. I'm a fan of Martorano's as well. The fixed price menu is a great deal, but a ton of food.

    The graveyard (4am - noon) craps crews at Paris are some of my favourite dealers. I also have my fav cocktail waitress in the morning as well. They'll keep the Deadeyes coming!
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  9. Niteshade

    Niteshade Platinum
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    In the winter, they have fantastic hot chocolate. When
    playing at the tables, it is so nice when it is cold outside
    to get some and enjoy it.
    I like the atmosphere of the Paris theme, the
    floor and the shops when you stroll from Bally's
    over to Paris.
    The Eiffel Tower restaurant is one of the nicest
    views on the Strip with a nice dinner and drinks.
    Just looking out the windows watching the Bellagio
    fountains with really good service makes it a lovely
    dining experience.
    So many dining choices there, of all types and
    tiers of expense. You can get snacks all the
    way up to the expensive with all kinds in between.
    The Diamond Lounge there has some great people
    that have worked there for years and I always enjoy
    visiting with them again.
    Always try at least once every trip to enjoy their
    breakfast at the Buffet. I think of all the CET properties
    that breakfast is one of the best to spend some time talking
    and just enjoying the atmosphere. Love the fact that
    Diamond and up they get your omelets for you and you don't
    have to stand in line. Just fill out the order and they get it for you.
    Nice touch to me.
    All in all - just enjoy the property.
  10. Pea

    Pea Tin
    Founding Fanatic

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    Le Cabaret lounge - often old school R&B music

    The casino has an exciting atmosphere at night, especially with the music in the background

    Roomy, sunny pool area
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  11. mikey7777

    mikey7777 Silver

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    CET Diamond
    Hot tub in the middle of Winter.
  12. Kknoles

    Kknoles Silver

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    I like Mon Ami Gabi very much. The food is always awesome and a must do for brunch! I recently had lunch at Yong Kang Street (I am sure I didn't spell that right). We waited in a queue a bit but it was worth it to all of us. The slots here haven't been good to me in a while though.
  13. jenblase

    jenblase Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Identity - Gold
    I love Le Cabaret Lounge and the good bands playing there most of the week. There are very few lounges on the strip anymore for dancing it seems but you can always count on this place.

    Burger Brasserie has decent and inventive burgers.

    Gordon Ramsay Steak is my favorite restaurant in Vegas. Love the rib cap and the Lobster Wellington! I love getting the seafood tower there - it's reasonably priced when compared to other places. And of course, sticky toffee pudding!

    And another vote for Mon Ami - sitting on their patio to watch the B fountains is a must do when going with Vegas first timers!

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  14. maxev

    maxev Bronze

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    CET-Seven Stars, Identity-Platinum, Grazie-Gold
    Paris actually has my favorite restrooms. Floor to ceiling stalls, where you feel completely private.

    HEXX's fruit boat has got to be experienced once (3 people can share).

    Also love Sekushi, in the walkway between Paris and Bally's. Free edamame with every meal! They recently expanded to offer robata and other pricier dinners.

  15. Wanker751

    Wanker751 Chairman
    Founding Fanatic

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    Mrs. Wanker had the Lobster wellington, she still talks about how great it is.

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