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Name your favorites at the Cosmopolitan!

Discussion in 'Our Favorite Things' started by VegasMonkey, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. YukonSloMo

    YukonSloMo Silver

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    Gold MLife, Tungsten Identity
    Everything, dammit!

    Short of that outburst, how they made us feel from the moment Kevin matched the Wynn offer to KF being the a great host we adore her!

    The security personnel, on our January Visit we had an altercation with a moron trying to hustle my bride. It was taken care of swiftly.

    Ahhhh the view. Anyone who says it isn't about the view is on the pipe!

    The vibe, the restaurants, the pizza, room service, and the anticipation of going back!

    Makes a Cdn Veteran with PTSD, smile....a lot....ok....laugh a bit....ok...a lot. It rocks!!!!!
  2. Kknoles

    Kknoles Silver

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    Identity - Platinum , Grazie - Gold, mlife-platinum
    Yes the balconies are awesome. But I'm surprised no one mentioned the beds. Oh the beds and pillows are so wonderful. I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Love the cosmos! The cocktail service is really good, great selection of slots (just wish I could win at them). I like the high limit slots but last about two seconds there. Like D.O.C.G. - tasty food. Secret Pizza. And there's a Starbucks which I gravitate to like a magnet in the mornings). The beauty iOf the chandeliers as you walk in and through the Casino.
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  3. Tessa QC

    Tessa QC Gold
    Founding Fanatic

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    IMG_4367.JPG It's the little things. Where else can you buy art from a vending machine?
  4. momnkid

    momnkid Gold
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    MLife Pearl
    Cosmo Gold
    I can't believe I never said anything about the beds when I posted a year ago, considering I own two of them! Sam's Club sells them and they are wonderful.

    Va Bene will make you a plain cheese panini if you ask nicely (equivalent of grilled cheese sandwich, worked wonders when I needed the world to stop spinning from alcohol).
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  5. yoloroller

    yoloroller Bronze

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    The beds
    View on balcony
    Chandelier Bar
    Octopus at Estiatorio Milos (I could eat this EVERY day)
    Secret Pizza
    Artwork everywhere :)
    The scent inside the property. Smells wonderful. Aria's smell gives me headache.
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  6. kwool

    kwool Silver

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    Player's Clubs:
    - The general vibe (it doesn't feel horribly corporate like many other places). The music helps this a lot too.
    - The design! So many cool interior design things throughout--even in spaces like The Henry and the epic art installation in Starbucks.
    - The scent! As soon as I walk in it just brings back the happy memories.
    - Lunch Like a Spaniard at Jaleo. Great food for a steal plus never a crowd.
    - Great cocktail service on the floor.
    - Friendly staff--not overbearing or fake, but ones you can have a real conversation with.
    - The layout--I like the vertical layout and it's even better if you're in the Boulevard Tower.
    - The comps--they've been so generous with hotel stays. I feel very well taken care of considering my level of play.
    - Cleanliness. I saw employees over various stays sanitizing every part of the slots and slot chairs. I was so impressed. They keep up with the glassware and cigarettes too.
  7. Gregg76

    Gregg76 Bronze

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    Identity Sterling, Mlife Pearl
    -The Comps! For my level of play they treat me better than anywhere, host AP is awesome, anytime I email him he responds immediately or my phone rings.
    -Fried chicken at Blue Ribbon
    -Guac at China Poblono
    -Birthday cake at Milk bar
    -Lunch at Milos
    -Cocktail service
    -Location on the Strip
    -Casino vibe
    -Fountain view, it never gets old
    -They want to stay on top, in just my last two years of staying there they have made so many upgrades and nice changes, there is always something new, fresh and exciting going on.
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  8. Ace Rothstein

    Ace Rothstein Bronze

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    Player's Clubs:
    MLife Gold, Identity Silver, Red Card
    - The ever changing LED screens wrapped around the posts as you enter from the taxi dropoff
    - The slot rotation, they do a good job of keeping a mix of established favorites, but always seem to have the newest ones as well.
    - The Wicked Spoon & Holsteins ( we're not huge foodies, so a good buffet or good burger are all I'm looking for in Vegas)
  9. kwool

    kwool Silver

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    Player's Clubs:

    This just popped up on my YouTube.

    I think this it does a great job of showing the vibe that a lot of us love about the Cosmo.
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  10. sdguy26

    sdguy26 Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    French toast at the Henry
    Watching the Penguins and playing TDB at the sports book bar
    The addictive 100 play VP machine in high limit
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