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Never again KAOS Dayclub

Discussion in 'Night & Day Clubs, Lounges and Bars' started by jtaboas, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. jtaboas

    jtaboas Bronze

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    Dear all,
    I would like to share with you my experience at the Palms Dayclub. We were there with a group of 4 guys, had a dance floor daybed for a minimum of 2'500$. Obviously that's quite some booze for just 4 guys...

    nevertheless it took us several attempts to order and finally get additional beer & food and not just the bottle of champagne and vodka. our waitress was not at all attentive (we had to ask her multiple times about the beer, the food, the ashtray, etc) and when we pointed this out, she reacted very rudely.

    At around 2.30pm (van buren did not appear yet) two security ppl showed up unexpectedly, grabbed one of us and kicked him out of the club. There was no chance to talk to those ppl, they were very aggressive. They said he was drunken / intoxicated (how ironic is this, when you sell a table to 4 guys with a 2.5k minimum), even though he did not talk or interact with anybody else except to/with us and there was no obvious reason other than just being dicks.

    So I left with my friend, the other two stayed... I'm visiting Vegas since 2002 on an annual basis at least once a year and I never felt as badly treated as at Kaos. So I will definitively never come back her again and I will never recommend this pool or nightclub to any other visitors.
  2. dvandentop

    dvandentop Chairman
    Founding Fanatic

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    Place looks like its name to me no thanks
    jtaboas likes this.

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