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New Member from AZ

Discussion in 'Come in and Introduce Yourself. We don't bite!' started by Goldengirl, May 25, 2019.

  1. Goldengirl

    Goldengirl Bronze

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm brand new to this group and wanted to say hello to everyone.

    I've been to Vegas more times than I can count, since 1975. Okay, now you know I'm geezerly. LOL

    I live in AZ now, am married and our dog, a Newfoundland, owns my husband and I. We are the housekeeping staff. LOL

    We have a trip planned this coming Sept. and I can hardly wait.

    Not sure yet, whether we will stay Downtown or the strip. I have comps on the strip.

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  2. Texas Steph

    Texas Steph I think I'm addicted to Vegas...
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Be sure to post your dates in the September Roll Call (subsection under "Trips") and feel free to write a trip report, during or after your visit, if so inclined... we love them!!

    Do you have a favorite casino/hotel?
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  3. Goldengirl

    Goldengirl Bronze

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    I love to write trip reports. Writing is a hobby of mine.

    Well, I have a couple of favorite casino's/hotels. For the strip, it is Bally's and Mirage, mainly for their location. For downtown it is the Golden Gate for their casino and the Plaza, for their rooms. And I like the food court at the Plaza.

    I will be sure to put in my Sept. dates in the roll call section. I'm still getting used to this board. So far, I love it. :grinning:
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  4. PartTimeDegen

    PartTimeDegen Platinum

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    Welcome to the board!
  5. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Welcome aboard!

    I was thinking of saying, "How do you deal with the slobbering? And what about the Newfoundland's slobbering?" But I won't.

    When she was a kid, Mrs. F. used to play with a big Newfie named Punch. They used to ride him! Beautiful dogs.
  6. Wiscolovesvegas

    Wiscolovesvegas Platinum

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    Welcome!! Well you happen to live in one of my favorite states to visit and love vegas too!! Awww I love Newfie’s. Beautiful big sweet dogs. We grew up with one in our neighborhood and he was a gentle giant. Will look forward to any and all input you post. We’ve been going to Vegas since 95 and we can’t believe how it has changed ... can’t imagine what it once was in 75!! Again welcome aboard :)

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