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New Venetian Offer

Discussion in 'Club Grazie - Venetian/Palazzo' started by JAustin, Feb 15, 2024.

  1. JAustin

    JAustin Bronze

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    Presently a Paiza Gold. Usually my offers are 4 free nights 600 in FB, 200 in dinning usually transportation if arranged by my host.

    With the impending changes no new offers have been presented due to that and my host can only issue prior offers (which I am using this weekend). I logged into my Grazie account today and a large area under "My Featured Offers" allows me to click talks about new program coming soon and the offer for 1 April to 26 June is 4 nights 850 in FP and 200 in dining credit. So looks like a little boost on the comps perhaps with the new program rolling out.
  2. djvcr

    djvcr Silver

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    I had just logged in a few days ago and noticed nothing past March. Just logged in again and I see the April offer. I was 500 FP/200 Food and I usually always get all my food comped on backed anyways. New offer is 675 FP/100 Food. Personally I prefer more freeplay vs food for above reason, they are pretty generous in wiping out the charges. I have a host I never talk to, I just go to the desk on morning of checkout and they talk to host on duty and usually wipe out the bill.

    I made it to Platinum again at MGM last year... Venetian is my secondary and typically spend 4 nights at Aria and then will switch to Palazzo for a few more nights and gambling budget is usually dictated by how bad of losses I had at Aria. In general I don't do as bad at V/P. I am currently Elite, and could have made Gold if I put a little effort into it. I am seriously considering if I really want to go for another year at Aria or switch to V/P. I always loose at Aria but I love the Sky Suite experience and my host takes care of everything there too. Next trip out is around July and just starting to think about the flights and stuff now.
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