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No Official Word On MSS reopening yet

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by makikiboy, Jun 9, 2021 at 6:42 PM.

  1. makikiboy

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    For downtown people, so far there is no official word on when MSS will be reopening.

    But right now you can book a room at MSS for September (on the boyd MSS web site). Just that the cost is EXPENSIVE, something like $500 A NIGHT!! Guess if you are willing to pay that much they will put you up at MSS? But don't forget about the $20+ resort fee, lol.

    Vacations Hawaii (a Boyd company now) announced that they are resuming charters from Hawaii to Vegas. You can book a room at MSS but since there is no official word they may move you elsewhere if MSS is still closed. In April a Hawaii news channel interviewed a Boyd person who said that YMMV when MSS reopens. If there is enough demand for bookings at MSS then they will reopen, otherwise they may reopen at a later date such as October or later but that all depends on supply and demand.

    So the hotel portion of MSS won't reopen soon. Let's hope that the casino and restaurants reopen soon but best to wait for official word on MSS reopening.

    Too bad, I liked playing the crap table at MSS with their 20x odds.
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  2. chico7800

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    I miss mss. I’m guessing the price is just a placeholder.

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