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no points = no offers?

Discussion in 'Red Card - Wynn/Encore' started by Covfefe, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Covfefe

    Covfefe Member

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    I'm talking about the machines like baccarat, craps, etc. that say "this machine does not give points". Does anyone know if they send offers based on playing those?
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
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    If a machine has a card reader, they can track your play and it generates theo just like any other game.

    But just as an example, bubble craps - CET has a card reader and you get TCs (although at a really low rate). So any play you put in on that machine should be additive to your theo for comps. At Cosmo, bubble craps doesn't even have a card reader, so there's no way they can factor it into comps.
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