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Planet Hollywood Hit and Run from Corona

Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by r2644446, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Trip was planned for about 2 months with me just tagging along with my brother while he attended the SAP Conference at the Wynn/Encore. Well corona happened, SAP cancelled as well as my brother but like any degen I push through anyways. Being a DIT(Diamond In Training) at Caesars on account of status match through my amex card I decided to forgo by comp at V/P and test out CET. Initially booked a room at PHo for around 900 dollars but ended up paying 200 for 4 days for an ultra resort room. 3/12 rolls around and corona news has really gotten out of hand but I forge on anyways with my trip plans of ATL > HOU for 2 days then IAH to LAS for 4 days finally returning to ATL on 3/18.

    Quick stop into Houston to meet up with my siblings for food without a hitch and head to vegas on 3/14

    Flight was delayed about an hour but Ceasars limo had my flight and contact information and met me by baggage claim arrived at check in around 5pm local time. Diamond check in was closed so the bell hop walked me to the front desk. Nice women checked me in as I inquire about a suite upgrade, she said it would be 140 a night for a jr suite/ ultra vista suite, I pass and she hammers away at the computer and goes well it looks like your staying until Wednesday by yourself if you are ok with a king room I can upgrade you for free.. Score first win tipped her 100 and she seemed very happy. Get up to my room and wait for bell hop to bring my luggage which happens about 10 minutes later get refreshed and realized I forgot to print my BJ basic strategy cards so down to the fedex business center to print my guide and do a quick walk around to check out the gaming floor. Decided i wanted to stick to my double deck game and found an empty $100/5000 max table double deck NDAS H17 not idea rules but again forge on with a 30k buyin playing rycelover style except 1k,3k,2k,5k get stuck down to 10k bet table max and comes a split 8s made the hand and turn things around ended up paying back the 30 and cashing out 4k profit for the night thought that was a big enough roller coaster so went up stairs to read some corona news and text messages. Find out CDC upped it to a level 2 domestic travel advisor and decided to follow my cardiologist recommendation and high tail home. Call amex who books me a flight out Sunday afternoon and self quarantine in the room until 7am local time where i wake up and think i bet theirs no one downstairs so i should go play before checking out for my flight. again 30k in same style same stuck but only down to around 15k when i hit a table max split again and hit to turn the tides cashed out +5k and change. Took 200 to a roulette wheel and put it on 17 dealer calls out table max inside to pit and i tell her if it hits dealer drops half, she gets exited and we closely watch the ball spin round and round bounce into 17 then out in to 7 we all sigh and i walk over to HL slots to take a stab at 3 play dollars JOB put 300 in at 15 a crack no dice earned 200 points for my play but did hit quads on 1 line. decided that was enough gambling and realized i haven't eaten in ~ 20 hours so head to cafe hollywood and tried the country fried steak, eggs, biscuit, and breakfast potato pretty good especially for the price. Head over to diamond check out to check out and request a limo back to the airport, they dint remove any charges but they also dint charge me for the other 3 days i dint stay, ended up costing 140 for the 2 limo rides, 90 for the suite, 20 for breakfast. Grab my stuff from the room and head to the outside where the limo guy is already waiting for me, Picked up some friends from cosmo that were also heading to the AP too and flew home to ATL.

    PS: im a sucker for airline food no idea why but I feel special eating it.

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    Don’t you wish all trips could be this profitable?
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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Congrats on the win!

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