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Reno June 12-16. Not what I expected.

Discussion in 'Other Gambling Destinations' started by Grid!, Jun 20, 2022 at 1:31 PM.

  1. Grid!

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    Just got back from my first trip to Reno. I expected looser slots, more casinos and just generally more of a Fremont scene while staying downtown.

    The slots weren't horrible, but didnt seem any looser than Vegas, even though the numbers show they should be. Damn variance.

    I LOVED the 3 main casinos near downtown, Grand Sierra, Peppermill and Atlantis. And I would go back to Reno just to do those again.

    Saw Virginia City (it was OK) but was somewhat disappointed with Downtown Reno overall. Just not much to see or do.

    Full report below, and would love any feedback on it!

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  2. twoarmedbandit

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    I agree that the casinos outside of downtown are better. Peppermill being my favorite. I remember reading that the payback % are skewed in Reno because vid poker wins are included?? And theres alot more poker players there. Dont know

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  3. Grid!

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    Vegas has video poker included in their numbers as well. I think all regions group them together. I didn't see any more video poker machines in Reno compared to other places I have gambled at. It seems like Fremont has a lot more VP than most other casinos, and I do think that is why their .25/$1 denom odds are so much higher.

    1¢ Slot Machines
    The Strip - 88.38%
    Downtown - 88.97%
    Reno 92.67%

    5¢ Slot Machines
    The Strip - 91.62%
    Downtown - 93.14%
    Reno 95.58%

    25¢ Slot Machines
    The Strip - 89.06%
    Downtown - 93.52%
    Reno 92.17%

    $1 Slot Machines
    The Strip - 92.00%
    Downtown - 93.72%
    Reno 92.67%

    All Slot Machines
    The Strip - 91.81%
    Downtown - 92.16%
    Reno 94.49%
  4. Big Slotter/kdk

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    Enjoyed reading your report as I’m in Reno this week myself so liked reading another’s perspective.

    I agree the downtown casinos aren’t much to be excited about. From what the locals here tell me is their slots are tighter than the rest of Reno ( if you look at the gaming reports and see the Sparks, NV numbers those are a little better and more in line with the casinos in the rest of Reno)

    Good you got to check out the good casinos. I never go downtown when I’m Reno because I like Atlantis, peppermill and GSR so much

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